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  1. That was beautifully done. The Frontier music was an awesome touch.
  2. I want to believe it is just from setting up story but it just seems dulled down.
  3. And that is the sad thing the manga is so amazingly well written and drawn but the anime has the wrong pacing. It could just be that at the moment trying to establish story. I hope that the pacing improves and the violence level is on the weak side as well.
  4. I turn up my brightness cause they do make it really dark. I haven't seen anyone else though doing it yet anyway.
  5. I wonder if there is a secondary version like they had for witchblade. I just think that they could have capitalized on a series that sells extremely well in Japan. Maybe the violence will become more intense in later episodes.
  6. October is going to make every macross fan go nuts. Looks like I will have to get my psp next month and pre-order Macross Ace.
  7. I finally got to watch the raw and I definately like how they made us believe Ozma was dead. I definately think that we were all given the slip. So it seems that our skull leader will remain the same from now on. Also I kinda figured that the Vajra would find some way to evolve a defense to the reactive weapons. It would make sense why Grace helped to force the hand of NUN to use them.
  8. I am bummed about the no subs you would think from a marketing stand point they would take them on. Yes technically we in the west aren't suppose to have it or have seen it but it kills me. Maybe we get some secondary release after series end with some subs.
  9. Man the NUN forces really are naive and they are just letting Grace right in too. No one seems to question the fact there is still a squard from the Galaxy that have been hiding while the Frontier has been putting their butts on the line to try and help a sister fleet. This is not going to end well because Grace seems to be fully in control along with those other personalities.
  10. It also means less on a screen at any given time. The swarm of enemies is a Macross hallmark.
  11. This was one of those episodes that left more questions then answers and that is what made it interesting because it was partially a recap episode.
  12. I don't think you would get the scope of mech on the DS. A lot of information to crunch on to a chip as opposed to a UMD.
  13. I don't know if it has been mentioned but have we gotten any verification if the Blu-rays will have english subs?
  14. He does seem like the watcher character. He might intereact but perhaps can't directly affect. I mean his sitting room gives that "god" feel since he is this massive figure over looking a world even though it is just a train set.
  15. It is already out on the official site but it jerks on my player. I see the VF-25s as seekers more then autobots lol
  16. This was a good way to sneak in a recap ep without it being the whole episode devoted to it. I think that the love triangle is extremely open which is different. I think that Alto needs to capitalize on both of them.
  17. That was my big prob it was cool but some of that punch was missing. Then again I wonder if they will do like the did with witchblade and have like a secondary dvd cut that is more violent.
  18. Nevermind to my last question I found out Kesenai fansubs is working on the series. From what I have watched they are pretty solid.
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