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  1. - Innacurate, generic paintscheme for all german types? CHECK! - Über maneuvers at 9000m? CHECK! But I understand is to enhance the action and to let the average viewer ID the enemy planes (yellow nose or yellow band on the tail = bad guys) Other than that I wish they had choosen a more realistic color palette for the CG scenes instead of this tired dirty, grungie, over burnt FPS style.
  2. @sketchley: Ah that sucks, I didn't know recopilatory tomes were shrik-wrapped too. To be honest, it have been many years since I was in a comicbook store (there is none were I live) and back then only the expensive, imported items were shrink-wrapped; local editions were available to browse. But now I realise maybe those mangas were already shrink-wrapped "in origin". @Zinjo: Please be assured that I never have and never will ask for "trading" material, neither in public nor via PM or e-mail. I understand and support the new policy about not posting download links for ongoing publications, but you have to accept that is a big contrast to the old Macrossworld dynamics from before Macross F. Times changes, but for some, old habits die hard. What I'm trying to say is that incidents like this, where someone ask for material and then another one, out of habit, post download links to said material, will keep happening for quite some time. Until everybody is made clear of the new ways.
  3. I have, but it's not the same trusting a review than taking a look at the manga in a bookstore or magazine stand (or in this case downloading some bad scans) and have a _preview_ with your own eyes of the material and see if you're actually interested in it. Did I said the something about uploading? In most countries downloading unlicensed material from internet is not illegal, uploading said material is. (unless you live in the US and get caught by the RIAA or MPAA for example) Don't get me wrong, I think what you're doing promoting the purchase of original material and supporting the franchise is great. But not all of us have the means to import the material to our countries or the time to learn japanese 'only' to fully enjoy said material. I'll probably have to wait years for the local edition of Macross the first to come out, which will only be published after a few recopilatory tomes are released in Japan. In the meantime, if I have the oportunity of a sneak preview at the actual manga, I'll take it.
  4. Well, I wasn't interested in buying Macross the first before looking at those scans. I own the Argentine edition of Macross7 Trash and was disapointed by the storyline, I didn't want to blindy spend money on another Macross manga only to be dissapointed again. But seeing the great art and the action packed scenes I'm now all for buying the tomes when the Argentine edition comes out. So, it's not all bad, and downloading is not necesarilly stealing. Besides those scans are slopy at best...
  5. I check the forums everyday, but lately I'm mostly lurking...
  6. And I thought I went overboard with details on my VF-1... There's no words to fully describe how awesome your model is danbickell!
  7. Why not? The stealth theory that made the F-117 possible came from a Russian paper after all...
  8. I approve of Spartan with shield.
  9. I'm not familiar with the way russian run their prototype programs, but it's is common for russian prototypes to be painted in service cammo/colors and given a squadron number?
  10. I think it's that the wing on the outer side of the turn goes faster, probably reaching or breaking the speed of sound and the resulting shockwave generates a loss of lift on that wing. And then the aircraft start a roll on the opposite direction of the turn.
  11. I watched this movie a couple of days ago, I hadn't much hope about it (got bored of Innocence just 15 minutes into the film and thus was hessitant about watching another Oshii movie). But I liked it, the history hooked me (even if I suspected they were from the very beginning). Make sure to watch the extra scene after the final credits.
  12. This must be the inspiration behind Macross's Fanracer and Fanliner: RFB Fantrainer
  13. I don't know anything about aftereffects, but the glitter effect on Flashback is a loop of some water footage superimposed on top of the animation.
  14. Last night I finished watching SDF Macross for the first time (having watched Robotech as a kid), and noticed in the episode "Private time", that the guy on the SDF-1 bridge is named Machida (the subs name him Machizaki, but Misa clearly says Machida-kun)
  15. I hadn't noticed Nene's Q'rea in the background of the first screenshot before.
  16. Now that I think about it, no thrust is required for reentry, so all engine power can be directed to ECA.
  17. Uhmm... but then how are the VF able to survive an athmospheric reentry?
  18. I'm thinking that Battle Galaxy may be the same size than the Quarter.
  19. It was Alto's plane, it had all the red highlights in the right places.
  20. Island 1 looks like a giant turtle shell...
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