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  1. New comic saga ongoing: check out all 26 episodes Transformers Full Circle! https://petessuperrobots.blogspot.com
  2. Lots of new photo comics up: Decepticon Roulette and Grim Tidings. Almost 200 pages in all. Next one coming in December. https://petessuperrobots.blogspot.com
  3. 8 parts if my new fan comic, TF Noir, are online petessuperrobots.blogspot.com
  4. Wrote a Gundam fanfic with some illustrations of mine made via PicsArt: https://petessuperrobots.blogspot.be/2017/11/fan-fiction-gundam-oasis-at-green-hill.html?m=1 I think I will do a Zambot 3 fanfic next :-)
  5. I've been out of Gundam for a while now and am getting back in. Is Orphans any good? I tried watching 00 when that came out but couldn't get into it. Love UC (Msg and Zeta). I kinda like the mecha in Orphans. Read some reviews. What's the feel here?
  6. I love my SOC Zambot 3... But any chance Bandai will make one with a fuller range of lose ability for the combined formula?
  7. Started a new photo comic called Super Robot War IV and wrote some Anime reviews on my Super Robot blog https://petessuperrobots.blogspot.be/?m=1
  8. Fires of Hades complete! https://petessuperrobots.blogspot.be/2017/02/the-fires-of-hades.html?m=1
  9. https://petessuperrobots.blogspot.be With turbo handling! I should put up some reviews too...
  10. So...any Macross fans on colony Brussels or in Belgium? Comiccon is in Brussels in 2018 but I am lazy and wondering whether anyone from Brussels hangs out in this forum?
  11. Fires of Hades epic almost complete: https://petessuperrobots.blogspot.be/2017/02/the-fires-of-hades.html?m=1
  12. Next two episodes online: http://dyrl.pl/detale.html?id=1731 http://dyrl.pl/detale.html?id=1732
  13. Next episde is up! http://dyrl.pl/detale.html?id=1712
  14. First photocomic of 2016! http://dyrl.pl/detale.html?id=1711
  15. So I got both Minos and Thanatos. Generally cool. Thanatos is a pain in the butt to transform, Minos is much much better. I was a bit dissapointed by the tank tread shoulder panel coming off, but I think I must have twisted it or something. Nothing broke, I put the screw back in and it works fine. But generally gotta be careful. The panels make it all BW Big Convoy to transform. On the plus side, the transformations are fairly simple, not complex, and so fun...but getting all the parts lined up... My only other 3rd party is PE Warden and I never even transformed him... Overall, I'm happy, just gotta be patient with Thanatos...whoever thought of that peg on the Hades foot needs to burn in Hades. There must be some trick to it...youtubers can't seem to find it. Relying on the flexibility of the plastic seems to be a bad idea in the long run. I might just remove the stupid Leokaiser feet and screw them back on when forming Leokaiser...if that's possible...they are such an unnecessary pain. Perfect transformation is not worth this level of hazard. Can't wait for the others. Minos is ace. Thanatos has issues...demands patience.
  16. I am so behind. I've got a Gogg needs finishing, a half done RG Zeta, I need to build the jet from my HGUC Victory kit....the weapons for my MG Wing...aye...so much overdue!
  17. I'm 54 issues into my photocomic, which is set in a multiverse where characters from Macross, Transformers, Gundam and other anime intertwine. The comics use toys from my collection. I make them about once a month. In this thread, I will post news of each new issue. For a list (with covers) of all my comics from PSR#1 back in 2012 up to the present, with hyperlinks to each issue, go here www.dyrl.pl/oferta.html All comments and criticisms welcomed. Got a great 2016 outlined/plotted. New episode should be up soon!
  18. Oh brother. This is what I get for getting back into Transformers over the last few years. I was gonna write something like "I love Macross. It WAS great"....and now I see there's a new series. Is that a girls band ? I know, I know...read the thread, search the net, but I have been away a long time. Judging by this thread, I picked a good time to check back in.
  19. I am back into Transformers and all. I am now waiting for TFC Minos and Thanatos. It's been a while Macrossworld!
  20. My TF collection is back and I'm really happy about the Stunticons and Arialbots... any word on Brainstorm? Got my Jetfire on the way.
  21. Haven't watched any anime in a long time...except...no...not ...hmm...I think I just have been watching Mobile Suite Gundam re-runs... from time to time... Pete
  22. It's been like a zillion years since I've visited the MW forums - but in any event: My fanfiction is still going strong - all the issues (up to the current #36 of Pete's Super Robots) are here: http://dyrl.pl/oferta.html
  23. Several new episodes of my Photo-Comic are now online. All of them are in one place on my website - so just jump to page 2 if you've already read all of the ones on page 1 :-) http://www.dyrl.pl/kategorie.html?cat_id=268 Pete
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