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  1. 40cm in ship mode is shorter then the DX Quarter and its twice the price...hmmm have to think about this. If it was the TV version i'd buy it.
  2. I got a YF-19 + Fastpacks and Fold booster combo when i purchased mine.
  3. I guess it won't come with the soundbooster, hopefully it will be sold seperately at some point. Having got the 1/100 version for the Hi-metal im looking forward to the 1/60 version too. Since the 1/100 version is almost as big as the 19 itself the 1/60 would be pretty damn huge.
  4. The first (Orange) VF-1D has knurled pins, they are just not as knurled as the VT-1's. The Virgin Road has completely smooth pins so i would recommend getting that if you want a 1D that is safe.
  5. With a Battroid mode chunkier then Bandai's chunky monkey's i honestly didn't expect the Fighter mode to look like much...but it looks fantastic. If this comes out late 2010 or early 2011 i guess that 2011 is the year of the 19's. VF-19S, VF-19F (Exclusive ofcourse ), VF19P (Normal and Whale blood) and.....YF-19 V. 2.0..make it happen! Oh and VF-17's are welcome too. Emerald and Diamond force FTW!
  6. Wow, even with a super chunky Battroid mode, fightermode still looks really great. One thing is for sure....the Blazer is going to like insane!
  7. Is the gunpod supposed to be that big in the show ? I know the Yf-19's gunpod was too small but this thing is insane huge. Perhaps its so big because it comes with small speakerpods you can fit into it ?
  8. Still prefer the proportions of the high metal one better but this does look awesome none the less. Love the battroid hatch, opening leg bays and shoulder speakers. I too am very curious about fighter mode, i hope it doesn't look like complete crap. Hopefully with a smaller gullet and slimmer front it may still look decent even if the rear is fat.
  9. Can you open the leg-bays and put in the missiles in fightermode too ? Or is it Battroid only ? Like this: http://www.macross2.net/m3/macross7/vf-19custom/vf-19custom-missilebaydetailsfighter.gif
  10. The orange VF-1D has knurled pins, atleast both of mine has. The Virgin Road version has smooth pins though.
  11. Looks great, when is it coming out ?
  12. Head looks exposed in fightermode like YF-19. I hope they add some sort of cover to put over it like the HI-METAL does. The head on the Kai is supposed to be completely hidden in fightermode.
  13. Ordered M&M VF-22's on monday but because of this ash cloud i have no idea when im going to get it. I guess it sucks to be a european Macross fan these days. Used EMS but might have to waith a month or more they say. Anyone else from Europe who just ordered ?
  14. If you don't know how to use a joystick, optional guitar equipment are available on select models.
  15. Does the kit have smooth shoulder pins ? Does it have the new or old crotch lock system ?
  16. Wait, did Bandai actually paint the SMS logo on the display stand this time for the Tornado ? And it comes with an anime accurate colored gunpod and not the old grey one ?
  17. Is the arm-armor for the tornado as loose and flimsy as the armored pack ? Is the fit overal better then the super and armor parts ? Is it easy to put on and off ? Do all the parts stay on or do they pop off just by looking at them the wrong way ?
  18. Nope, i think it was only the VF-17 and VF-22 that used it. Though if the YF-19 can use it im sure the VF-19 can too. I hope its not the final version as its missing some yellow stripes on the wings and the spacy logo. Haven't noticed it before but does the VF-19S use the same gunpod as the YF-19 ?
  19. I wonder how they are going to do the antennas/head lasers in fightermode. The HI-Metal version had to remove them since there is no room for those tall antennas to be completely covered up. Or perhaps they will change the design so they do poke up. I hope they find a way to make them completely hidden and still PT.
  20. So the DX VF-27 comes with attachments so you can use the fold booster on it ?
  21. I'd like to see a more open ended game after the trilogy sort of like Elder Scrolls Oblivion where you can be who you want to be and select any race you want. Mix that in with a good story and perhaps Dragon Age like origin stories for each race/class and it it could be pretty good in my book. For example have the ability to buy your own ship, Turian, Asari +++ each ship has its ups and downs. Bigger ships have larger crews and you could get a bigger squad and so on. And you can name your own ship and it will appear on the outside in cutscenes (Not sure if this is possible but it would be sweet)
  22. I wonder how big impact Also i wonder how much time is passed between ME2 and ME3. Since now the reapers have no access to the citadel mass relay its gonna take them a long time to get there unless they got some other secrets. I wonder if there is 3 endings to ME3. Paragon (You fight the reapers and win), Neutral (You fight the reapers but eventually lose) and Renegade (You join the reapers or fall under their control...kinda like Saren).
  23. TV VF-1S using smooth pins and the new crotch system with both TV Hikaru and Roy + TV superparts. Make it happen Yamato , you know it will sell!
  24. The YF-19 to VF-19 has the biggest difference on the outside, while the YF-21 to VF-22 has the biggest difference on the inside (Mind control +++).
  25. Lots of remold and repaint potential. VF-19 Kai VF-19F VF-19S VF-19S in test flight colors VF-19P VF-19P covered with whale blood. And since Graham mentioned two new molds im betting my hard earned money the other is the 17. So with luck we might get Both Diamond and Emerald force by the end of the year/early next year...sweet
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