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Name the VF-27...

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VF-27 Geometry (watch it move)


What about "Dragonfly II"? If there are Lightning III and Sturmvogel II, why not a Dragonfly II? BTW the Dragonfly is the Cessna A-37.

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VF-27 Focker

Ironic you suggeted that. Since the pilot of it also has blond roy-ish hair and plays an instrument like Roy. I'm almost expecting the kid to be some kind of Roy clone.

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The more i think about it Devil or Demon makes sense...seeing as it not only goes with messiah...but the Wings...horn shapes on its head and wing shapes on its back are very devlish..even the color.

so ill stick with

VF-27 Devil or Demon

if it gets a name at all

But it seems VF-27 is more advance than VF-25! Can't possibly have a demon/devil who prevails over a messiah, right? <_<

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VF-27 Harmonica

Named for the a&*hole who decided that playing a harmonica was fitting after seeing his ship ravaged by the Vajra.


Maybe, just maybe, he flies it with the harmonica.

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