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  1. Any Vegas locals interested in a meet up perhaps in late spring early summer once vaccinated, etc.?
  2. Haven't been there yet. Would love to fly my drone through there. I may check it out once this virus is over and done with.
  3. It's NOT that far. I've been wanting to fly it up near that park close to Lone Mountain.
  4. Thought I'd share. I got a drone over the summer. I had to stripe it up right. Still getting familiar with the piloting. I've been flying it at a few local southwest Vegas parks.
  5. I love his YF-19 print. If I only had enough wall space...
  6. Met a guy on Instagram from Brazil that did the print. He has some awesome stuff. He's done other Valks too like the YF-19 and 1S' with DYRL paint schemes.
  7. Way cool! I have the same helmet! I love it!
  8. Once we have a vaccine and we're clear I'll be happy to set something up! Speaking of Macross, I just got the This Is Animation Mac Plus book yesterday. It's awesome! Feel free to PM me anytime.
  9. NICE rick.vale! By the way I'm right in your area. So cool seeing local Macross fans! Welcome!!!
  10. Welcome everyone in Vegas! So good to see a few responses. Yeah, introduced to it by Roboschlep and then went out and found the original material. Been a fan a long time. Las Vegas Dad, we definitely have a few things in common. As far as other anime, it varies for me. I really only collect Macross stuff. I do enjoy some of Miyazaki's work like Nausicaa, others like Robot Carnival, Yukikaze, Cowboy Bebop, Ninja Scroll, Sky Blue, Appleseed, Wicked City and Street Fighter. Basically older anime. I know there's more out there, I just haven't seen it all yet. Been rebuilding my collection on Blu-R
  11. Hey, I'm not a big fan of Macross 7. I haven't been much of it all but the premise doesn't really do much for me with Basara, etc. I do absolutely love ALL the visual redesigns and paint schemes for DYRL and much prefer that over the series as well as the animation quality. I'm definitely hoping we can get back to some normalcy however, I think it's going to realistically be a long haul. Stay safe and feel free to contact me here anytime.
  12. Nice to see another LV Macross fan. You can always PM me to stay in touch. I used to live up in your area as well. I moved to the south side 4 years ago. Hoping once this virus ends we I can organize a meet up if anyone is interested.
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