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  1. Referencing earlier posts about MP Tracks, I don't see any issues with mines. I did get the original G1 back in the day, for my birthday, so I have too much bias there, but I am very satisfied with MP Tracks. The only thing I didn't like about MP Ironhide is his crotch plate. If that can be replaced, i would buy it, but I'm going to be buying all the MP molds at some point. Just have to get them on release so I'm not paying double the price here in the US for the imports, yeesh. Didn't MP10 get reissued already? HLJ still has it in stock and the price isn't bad. I have to pick one up as I really wanted a G1 Prime as a kid, and never got one, so I have to get MP10 to fulfill that long awaited destiny. I have New Year's Convoy, but the MP is the pinnacle of G1 perfection.
  2. Maybe I don't know this, but it looks like Hasbro is trying to defuse the third party TF toy companies by creating characters 3P companies have made, like the headmasters and the combiners? If so, then my issue is that Hasbro's TF toys are going down in quality while being relatively affordable, but that's good enough for me to buy them. 3Ps are at least better quality than Hasbro (even with some major QC issues), but their pricing is just a huge drawback. If I didn't have a car payment, I would be all over 3P TFs, but right now, I am being extremely discriminatory against every toy I see.
  3. I already have MP Red Alert, so I don't give a damn about this new version. I'd like Taka-Tomy to reissue MP Soundwave w/Laserbeak and MP Thundercracker so I can get them because I procrastinated getting them when they originally were released. They can at least do that, right?
  4. anime52k8, If you've heard of the Iplehouse dolls from (South) Korea, their dolls are better than anything from Japan, IMO anyway, . They are both equally expensive regardless.
  5. Is that from their FB page or something? I don't see it anywhere. Leonidas and Xerxes look effin awesome, but I don't konw about the prices of 3rd party stuff now going well over $100. I'm still not liking the feet. I was impressed the alt mode is much more compact and sleeker than the G1 toy, but if they can make the feet more cool looking (flat, bootlike), then I might consider.
  6. Funny that they blurred out the tail. I would buy that, but in that size, it's not detailed enough and I would prefer more realistic weapons, and actual leather belt/straps, realistic cloth bandana/elbow pads, etc. I know it's comic book accurate, but at least go an extra mile with the design. If they did the first movie turtles, with more realism, I'd buy it in a heart beat. I've been waiting for some 1/6 scale turtles, but I can't justify it yet.
  7. I bought the white Destiny bundle earlier this year off ebay. Amazonn has some, but yeah, the thing is still selling for full retail. Last Christmas was the best time to get a deal on this thing and I just wasn't interested in the PS4 at all. I think I heard they're going to make another white Destiny bundle so keep an eye on that one. The only thing I hate about the white PS4 or any colored PS4 is that the controller still has black buttons, a black D-pad, etc. Lazy... Those things stand out so much, they're an eyesore.
  8. I just saw on the front page of HLJ that they had this in stock. I was shocked! But when I clicked on the link, another let down.
  9. I watched some youtube video reviews of this titan class Devastator, and my old grumpy self is not liking it one bit. I know Hasbro/Takara have the best designers, and they could... should, have made a better Devastator that looked good in all modes. There are some neat transformation gimmicks they employed in this new Devastator, but the lack of details and lackluster designs just turns me away. I was rather disappointed that the Hasbro Devastator only has one bio card for Devastator. You know that Takara will have bio cards for each robot and Devastator. i don't know if Hasbor's special edition of Devastator will have individual cards for each robot. It's just a nice little piece to have.. The 3P Generation Toy Gravity Builder looks incredible, but I still prefer the Hercules combined mode over Green Giant, Gravity Builder, and Hasbro's latest offering.
  10. I saw this last weekend. It felt really short, and having everything just go downhill, like with the original film, just didn't interest me. I wanted more meat with Owen's story, with the entire island attraction, at least make it like a tour hidden in the movie or something. I'm sure I'm the only one who wanted this, . Of the two kids, the older brother was the most annoying, trying to be a creepy "playa." I just wanted to blow my head up and let chunks fly all over the theater whenever the older brother tried to eye some hot ass. Kill me! If this movie went on for another hour, I would have been fine. I guess I enjoyed it since it felt really short, but I didn't get enough dino action or theme park enjoyment.
  11. Ok, while I am a little burned out from Destiny, that Taken King (rather uninteresting name) looks kind of cool. New skills, new areas, and maybe a boss that won't just stand there and let you kill him with his sword, lol.
  12. Regarding why Skynet destroys humanity, being a big billion dollar software/hardware corporation, Microsoft's Bill Gates believes in population control. That means he wants to kill you, kill us, kill the human race. No surprise why Skynet wants the same thing. Well, back on topic, going to see this film next weekend and have not read too much into spoilers, so not sure if it will be good. The action and SFX probably won't dissapoint, so.
  13. Diecast does not mean anything and plastic isn't exactly light or cheap. I know there are cheap looking plastic toys, and there are high quality plastic toys, it depends on the quality. There's plenty of TFs that are all plastic and have heft to them, but being heavy is not always a good idea. When the diecast starts to wear down, it really looks bad, like battery acid almost. I do agree with the rubber tires. I like them and so far, none of the rubber tires on my TFs have split or cracked yet. eriku, LMAO. Yeah, you do that.
  14. davidwhangchoi, I would keep your G1 sealed. They are collector items and there are plenty of other stuff to play with. Unless you're rock solid financially, then do whatever you want. I used to like G1, but then modern toys are just more appealing to me.
  15. I just saw that Hot Toys Scarlet Witch yesterday and the face sculpt is not as accurate as I like. For the price they're asking, they could at least sculpt (include) three faces total. I used to collect a lot of 1/6 scale figures back when they were cheap, and I think I'm done with that scale/hobby. With the high prices that hobby is now demanding, I'm not missing it.
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