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  1. Is it only me (Can't be) or does VF-31AX have a thermometer coming out of the rear? It looks rather Frankenstein in design.
  2. I will give them a few days, maybe a week, to see if they have an announcement. Otherwise, I feel you! I'd much instead purchase here in the states.
  3. Snagged one from AmiAmi. Damn didn't expect that or them closing so fast on a world wide launch. I do wonder if the supply line issues will impact this release?
  4. Heron

    Hi-Metal R

    Ah it's good to be back. Are the VF-0S dropping tonight or still in queue for 2022?
  5. I love this thread and love May'n! It was great to see her and Megumi back on stage together!
  6. 40 years? Already? Why it was only yesterday that I was fanboying over the 25th Anniversary! I followed every episode, spending a lot of time here speculating on the Vajra and their place in the setting. Was Sheryl the same as Sara or more Nao? Swooning over Ranka's debut and so on! As a lifelong fan, I'll be happy with whatever comes my way.
  7. That explains so much how NUNS is able to field these massive migration fleets along with garrisons and the Earthspace Defense Fleets. And man, your site is a rabbit hole of lore!
  8. Thanks for sharing this info, Sketchy. I doubt I'd ever have asked that question. Which brings to mind another question, Did Grace's shenanigans and to a lesser extent, Roid, alert the Inspection Forces of NUNS space/existence?
  9. Looking forward to this! Also when will the front page be updated? Content is 2 years old?
  10. Regarding Translations, does anyone have a transcript of the furigana/kanji in Macross the First? Damn hard on my eyes to read and I would like to attempt to translate it.
  11. Heron

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Can you post here right before you pull the trigger?
  12. Heron

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Is Hobby Search PreOrder monies up front or upon shipping?
  13. Heron

    Bandai DX VF-31

    You guys with the 2 or 3 already can pas son this one to let us without one have a chance.
  14. Heron

    Bandai DX VF-31

    True but the cheapest I've been able to find is $299 plus. With this re-release, I can snag one for less than $200.
  15. Heron

    Bandai DX VF-31

    It'll be up on Amiami and HobbyLink too right?
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