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  1. When this news broke I was definitely shocked. Obviously happy, but I couldn’t quite process it. Now that I’ve had a few days I find myself less excited by this. With the exception of Delta, I’ve watched every Macross production at least twice. I’m not waiting on anything. What does this really mean to me? I really don’t know.
  2. Yeah, I saw it on Kotaku before I was about to go to bed.
  3. Rewatching that scene, it REALLY looks like she says his name is Aegon. Or perhaps Aegor. Definitely starts with "Aeg."
  4. When I checked Reddit last night before going to bed the "lip readers" we're mostly saying "Aemon."
  5. If you ever started to question whether or not GoT is still the best show on TV, let this episode lay those doubts to rest.
  6. Wow. No real curveballs, but an excellent episode. I can't even hate they gave "The North Remembers" to Lyanna Mormont.
  7. Anyone have any last minute predictions for the season finale? I think we may see something completely unexpected, like LSH or Nymeria. We haven't gotten any real curveballs this season outside of Hodor's death, so I think we're due.
  8. EW: Rogue One creators address reshoot concerns tl;dr They expected reshoots, they planned for reshoots, and reshoots are minor bits here and there. Also, they discuss whether or not to include the crawl in the offshoot films.
  9. Meera looks like a Crannogman in the books. She's neither a Stark or a Targaryen; she's clearly a Reed. The twin theory comes solely from her appearance in the show. And I'm fairly certain Young Griff is the "mummer's dragon." Would be interesting if he was a Blackfyre.
  10. I never bought into that theory. While it's plausible, I don't think we need another secret Targaryen in the story. I personally believe Bran is the third dragon rider, through warging. I guess we'll see.
  11. One of the directors confirmed it. It was already not a very well kept secret when he did.
  12. The Riverlands story is actually supposed to take place before the Dorne story (and Jaime actually never goes to Dorne). Just another mess they've created this season.
  13. Assuming Littlefinger doesn't just assume the title of Warden of the North, which was given to him by royal decree. I feel like we're probably out of time for such shenanigans, though, seeing as there are only 13 episodes left after the season-ender. Unless he tries to press that claim, and Sansa kills him (per the prophecy).
  14. 1. It's not his battle to fight, and 2. Harmony Gold hasn't stopped anything. Anyone around here have trouble watching whatever Macross they want?
  15. It all boils down to Sansa not being in the North in the books, and the show not knowing quite how to handle it. They've made a bunch of missteps with her, and for every scene of her we get where she's being smart and strong (like when she calls out Littlefinger and threatens him), we get stupid nonsense like what happened last episode. She's been a one-woman version of the Dorne storyline in the show: poorly handled and all over the place.
  16. Confirmed that the absence of Ghost was because of budgetary constraints. They couldn't do both Wun Wun and Ghost.
  17. As for the "no one likes anything but xyz here" discussion, you have to realize how focused this forum is. We talk mostly sci-fi and fantasy films, and frankly, most films of those genres tend to be mediocre to bad. Some of you just like the spectacle and don't care about the rest, and that's fine. I'm a cinephile, and that doesn't quite do it for me. There are a great many films I could talk positively about all day long, but I doubt they'd generate much discussion here. You'd probably react to them the same way I'd react to a new Transformers movie.
  18. Sansa was stupid, and I'm not giving her an ounce of credit here unless her plan all along was to eliminate Jon and his forces so they weren't a challenge to her own power. If that's the case, I hope she dies swiftly. The simplest explanation is probably the right one here: it's just bad writing, which we've seen too much of this season.
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