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14 hours ago, F360 said:

Since already have the original I really do not need this new repaint F-91.   But I do like the new look more .   I try really hard posting store links hoping it would be sold out ASAP so I will say too myself too bad .  Sold out .   But of all the metalbuild preorders thid one was opened for a long time .   So I still ending up preordering . Lol .

I would say all those tamashii announcements just before preorder might really stole some of the thunder , I mean I totally forgot about it until I got the email alert from cdjapan.

Since this is a standard release, I’m sure USA stores will have it on preorder soon too .   

The new look is great, and not having to buy the option set separately is a big plus. Fingers crossed for a US retailer release. There are not that many choices to get Metal Builds in Canada without a giant markup

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50 minutes ago, F360 said:

wow, i'm surprise that the price on BBTS is about $30 less than USAgundam

Doesn't USAgundam have this perpetual discount code that's 10 or 15% off and offer free shipping? I think it becomes slightly cheaper once that code is applied

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2 minutes ago, Grey728 said:

I'm keeping my eyes open for the Sazabi metal structure. I think the Nu was only given a few days before PO started and subsequently sold out.

I have my eye open too. I shouldn't. But I do.

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4 minutes ago, carlsylar said:

I‘m little disappointed to the new WOL when it reflects light, the color looks like some gift bag cover.

How tall is it from the bottom of it's feet to the tips of the wings?:hi:

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