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  1. Check this out, the above version is Bandai T-Mall Shop Limited special coating version. There’s a online shop in China called taobao if you have heard it and T-mall is a part of it. Many well known brand opens their T-mall online shop on it and Bandai has its T-mall shop too. At year 2018 I believe P-Bandai China merged into T-mall shop so consider it is P-Bandai China version just like P-Bandai USA. At one year they publish some China limited products and this metal robot strike freedom is one of them. If I remember it right they are sold in new year and has more than 10000 pieces. My photo left is the limited version and right is normal version. The limited version is like that pearl color of wing zero Gundam gunpla and some shiny metal coating(oil-ish I feel) and the logo on stand is blue instead of gold.
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