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The 'Hey look at this really cool model build I saw' post


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We have hundreds of awesome builds here, but sometimes when goofing around on the internet you come across something that looks cool, but you don't really want a separate thread on it as it might just be a pic or two....So this is that thingy


I'll open it up with this awesome build I came across last night-just incredible. Can't remember if it was posted before, sorry (I'm old)
From the Valkyrie Development feature in the Hobby Handbook

https://www.twaku.com/iwataplamo  (scroll down to the bottom)





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On 6/19/2020 at 11:14 PM, Shawn said:

one of my favorites of all time

check out the 16link steps at the bottom of the page

Here is a video of it in action-just incredible.








I love the off-white/grey accents on the leading edges. Gonna go break out my VF-1S and see how it looks on it!!

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Thanks Shawn, that Tinami page is AWESOME! Tons of stuff and cool ideas.

Darth - Where's the HUGE room inside that thing with the little control panel in it to take down the whole ship? That seems to be all the giant Republic ship designs :D - MT

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