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The 'Hey look at this really cool model build I saw' post


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On 6/26/2021 at 8:06 AM, arbit said:

Loving this work on a Bandai 1/72!



This is "super duper cool!" Although in reality, light inside the cockpit from the shoulders would glare off the windshield. Still cool though. - MT

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1 hour ago, Thom said:

It's a nice model, but what's the point of mounting it that way? I guess for 'free floating' but then it needs the guide wires.

Is it even "free floating" when there's a big post sticking out of the bottom anyway?

Now, if the line it was hanging from was coming down from above to eliminate that, then I'd be down with the look.

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It's certainly an interesting design.  I think i would have tried to eliminate the down rod from the model. The guy wires on the corners are attached directly , so why not the lower? I'm sure I'm not seeing everything there, and i may be missing something.

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