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Aaaand back to Macross! Maybe.

So as I had stated in a previous thread, there were some outstanding Macross subjects still needing to be done, namely the Zentradi battle suits. I'm offering this subject as the next contender in the 1/72 series, which would have the following characteristics:

- based on the TV series design

-can be built with cockpit open or closed

-in-scale with my previously-released Zentradi soldier, so will be quite a large kit (22.5-23cm tall!)

Due to its size and the complexity of the sculpt, this would NOT be a cheap offering at 355.00 Canadian ($285 US approximately) but it would be... Glorious!!!

As you have all put a $200 CAD deposit, there is the $155 CAD outstanding balance on the kits as well as the shipping fees which are as follows:

$30.00 CAD up to 2 kits for USA/Canada

$72.00 CAD for international shipping.

Also very important: please add an extra 5% to the total to cover transaction fees if there are any. Generally PP will let you know before you send if there are fees and ask you if you will pay or make the recipient pay. I will commence casting on Monday once I test and group the molds for optimum casting.

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I'll send a PM to some MW'ers who bought in older Captain proyects, users that I didn't see in the forums for a while. May be I can find more interested people. :unsure:

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I'm in for one, but I have to ask about payment due date, estimated delivery date, shipping. is multiple payments possible, etc.,

I'm in for one to, but have the same questions. Things get worst everyday overhere on Brazil, i really wanna this baby but still need to live. Could we pay it in installments, like the Leggios ?

By the way, excellent job, Cool8or !

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