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  1. The Very End of the book, is what I understand explains why it seems there are some discrepancies in the story / characters and allows them a little artistic freedom to modify things a bit, if this is a prior or later incarnation of the endless quest of Roland. That may just be fan speculation, but it would make sense to me so they don't end up trapped in a GRRM like " you didn't copy page 48 exactly like it was in the book" sniveling festival of the hyper fans.
  2. I haven't checked the chemical formulation but this may be one of these rare places where model makers can benefit from women's products at a cheaper price, I buy acetone / thinner by the gallon from beauty supply store for less than a small bottle of paint, but my girlfriend buys men's razors and shampoo because it costs half as much. I think this is the same or a similar formulation that is used for UV Gel fingernails, not the paint color they use, but it's a two part powder / gel mixture that when applied and dried under a mild UV light for a few minutes hard as a rock and transparent. I tried playing with this stuff a few years ago to make some canopies and failed miserably but to be honest I only spent a few dollars, it didn't work and I gave up.
  3. Switch Hunting If you have a couple Target stores in your area, I got mine Monday, checked the stock online, the first time I went in they were sold a few minutes earlier than I arrived, even though they showed limited stock, but when you go, you can ask about their shipments, my stores get their trucks Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, so you know when to check the stock checker and drop by the store first thing in the morning.
  4. I saw some early harsh reviews giving it the "Alien Wanna-be" rip off of a lifetime award, from the trailer I can already see a lot of it's shortcomings but I'll still watch it, I'm a hopeless space / sci-fi / horror fan, it's got to be better than 80% of what's floating around on the internet that I haven't already seen.
  5. They would have would a million or so more in the US if they had stock at the stores.
  6. Yeah, they should have taken a scripting note from the fan reaction to Cloud Atlas, the "true true" nonsense just sounds stupid, having a bunch of people develop a whole new regional dialect ( We talk like the trashpile people of the ancient garbagian empire! ) in the span of a few years is just silly. Maybe their leader has autism and it will explain the shorthand, but if they spontaneously developed the "Junkyard Engrish" it's going to grate on my nerves every time they appear.
  7. News article in the local paper here in Tennesee two days ago. Our state legislators have put forward a bill to negate the need for a tax stamp for silencers and to open them up for any legal gun owner at retail. It was put forward as a health issue for hunters. Since guns are loud and can damage hearing and hunters need their senses, they indicate it makes sense to allow sound suppression. Next few years might be interesting times in the U.S.
  8. I'm betting they are a plot vehicle for Alexandria to re-arm. Either soul-less villain types that Rick and company can dispatch with abandon to remind the viewers how tough they are, or like-minded victims of the Saviors with a just cause and willingness to re-arm the Alexandirans on the down low in return for creture comforts and a few houses in Alexandria with hot showers and bottle of chianti.
  9. Any recommendations for a good picatinny rail compatible prone style bipod for an AR. The cost ranges vary so dramatically, from 30 to 50 dollars US, up to several hundred bucks?
  10. LoL to each their own, I don't particularly care for The Fast and The Furious series, but who cares, what equate to fun, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I love the Final Destination movies, my friends think they are idiotic, I don't give a fart. This isn't fine art, it's just a fun diversion for an hour or two. Life's short, find stuff that makes you laugh and happy, who cares what other people think
  11. Oh I'm sure I'm out of date, but my LHS charges exorbitant prices and has limited selection, the last convention the PG kit I wanted was 300 bucks, I just got back from Thailand, the mall hobby shop was charging converted 400 US, and I got it 10 bucks less than HLG and free shipping saving over 50 dollars total, just throwing it out there. In the past when I searched amazon it was only scalpers charging a thousand bucks a perfect grade kit, now they are selling some retail.
  12. This may be old news, but I just found that Amazon has started importing Bandai Gundam kits and selling them from their prime service forwhat appear to be very reasonable prices if you get them from either themselves or a competitive vendor.
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