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  1. Ha yeah, I love Villainess myself but understand it might not be everyone's cup of tea. The MC is amazing though - so, so oblivious yet great at the same time Finished Horimiya - really enjoyed it though I hear they skipped a lot from the manga. Also finished Wonder Egg Priority - liked this series a lot but the ending felt incomplete or unfulfilling to me.
  2. Somehow I am back re-watching My Next Life as a Villainess from a few seasons back; its nothing earth shattering but it is such a silly feel good show.
  3. Jujutsu Kaisen - liking this more than I thought I would though pacing is a bit strange Slime S2 - meh, but I kinda knew that going in - finally some major events occurred in the latest Horimiya - like this quite a lot looks very nice Quintups S2 - enjoying it. Nice visuals/animation Wonder Egg Priority - interesting story and very curious as to where it goes
  4. Recently catching up on some shows that I missed Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku - enjoying this, amazed that there is a Macross Frontier reference in Ep4 RE: Creators - animation is very nice but having some issues getting into it. Reverse Isekai premise at least is a little spin that is interesting No Guns Life - season 1, liking it so far Astra Lost in Space - really want a space/sci-fi series to get into but so far this is not really doing it for me. Its ok... APPARE-RANMAN! - again really nice animation but so far not super engaging to me but only on ep 2 From this season: Uzaki-chan wants to hang out - enjoying it somewhat, really slow show but has its funny moments Deca-dence - enjoying it, definitely a different spin on what you think this is going to be from ep1 and I like that change-up from standard formula RE:ZERO - watched the 1st ep of season 2 and I am holding off till the whole season is out - it just seems like it is amazing and I hate waiting for eps to come out, rather watch em all on my own schedule (which if it is as good as this may be all in one sitting....)
  5. dammit that is just horrible news - screw 2020 - RIP As Tangled thorns notes get a colonoscopy sooner rather than later it is not that bad. Wish I had gotten mine early - was slated to get my 1st at 50 but got sick at 47 - but still I got "lucky" and only stage II and still sucking air after surgery and chemo....
  6. that advert is amazing - captures both the awesomeness of the statue and the deep deep crap you are gonna be in when the SO sees the charge on the credit card. Not sure thats what they were going for but all it needs is a speech balloon saying "YOU PAID WHAT!!!!!"
  7. Agreed - this is a surprisingly enjoyable show with a lot of feel-good vibes for me Also watching Kayuga-Sama season 2 and really enjoying that. Sing Yesterday to Me: ok for the most part, very melancholy though Tower of God; ok but not super into it for some reason Dorohedoro; loved this, very unusual and bloody though, needs more episodes
  8. Whelp tried the first three eps and now another series goes on the must watch list - thought i was getting burned out on isekai but here we are.
  9. on episode four of Dorehedoro - wow good stuff so far
  10. I finished it and overall liked it. Thoughts: 2d half (after defeating Patrick Huge) had better story and felt more like the older series the new characters were a total waste IMHO not sure why they bothered on that note the new female character in the 2nd half was extremely irritating. They can totally lose her if they continue this. animation still somewhat bothered me - the faces mostly I think. I fear most of the CGI budget was spent designing the major's rear end and walking away from the camera animation
  11. Watched through the first half - despite initially being really put off by the CGI I got used to it fairly quick. It does have this weird almost "Toy Story" animation feel at times. Eps 5 and 6 were pretty cool - yeah naked guy backflips (Patrick Huge - I think that is my new porn star name) out of context is hilarious, but in that scene I found him extremely unnerving. Also after being strangely bloodless through the first four eps it flipped the table and went the other way. Again another oddity but not a show stopper.
  12. Ha yep - checking my history it was: If Moebius Made Anime
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