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  1. Nice find! Let me know if you need any 1/5000 Zen ships to go with it.
  2. Ok, just to tempt you for the future here's a 1/4000 and 1/5000 Thuverl Salan
  3. Need any 1/3000 scale Zen ships to go with that?
  4. I have the STL file for this if anyone is still interested
  5. @derex3592What's your source for Mr. Color, I need a good source for Mr. Hobby, a store that has more than 1 or 2 colors.
  6. @Bolt The VF-1D and valk arm I have are 1/72 scale. I didn’t dare branch out jnto other scales. Too much stuff!
  7. @Bolt You got it from the same place I got mine. A guy here on the boards, the package says Korakorum. It’s the same guy who did the VF-1D battroid conversion kit and the supervalk launch arm.
  8. My wife once told me “it’s me or your models!”. I sure miss her sometimes…
  9. 3D printed Frostmourne from Warcraft for my son this Christmas.
  10. @pengbuzz Impressive, most impressive 😉
  11. I assume you already looked at these dry transfer anime eyes here? https://archertransfers.com/ASSETS/FiguresPg1.pdf
  12. This is great advice, I have used PPT for creating simple decals before. Almost all of these decals were recreated for this old A-4 kit because the decal sheet got destroyed and the round landing circles on this aircraft carrier didn't exist anywhere else.
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