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  1. Wow that came out fantastic! I have two of those. I want to build one gear down like yours and one gear up with all the missile panels open ready to unleash hell! What color blue from which company did you use?
  2. Nice find! Let me know if you need any 1/5000 Zen ships to go with it.
  3. Ok, just to tempt you for the future here's a 1/4000 and 1/5000 Thuverl Salan
  4. Need any 1/3000 scale Zen ships to go with that?
  5. I have the STL file for this if anyone is still interested
  6. @derex3592What's your source for Mr. Color, I need a good source for Mr. Hobby, a store that has more than 1 or 2 colors.
  7. @Bolt The VF-1D and valk arm I have are 1/72 scale. I didn’t dare branch out jnto other scales. Too much stuff!
  8. @Bolt You got it from the same place I got mine. A guy here on the boards, the package says Korakorum. It’s the same guy who did the VF-1D battroid conversion kit and the supervalk launch arm.
  9. My wife once told me “it’s me or your models!”. I sure miss her sometimes…
  10. 3D printed Frostmourne from Warcraft for my son this Christmas.
  11. @pengbuzz Impressive, most impressive 😉
  12. I assume you already looked at these dry transfer anime eyes here? https://archertransfers.com/ASSETS/FiguresPg1.pdf
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