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  1. Looks like those 1/144 TomyTec VF-1's are up for preorder on HLJ
  2. Nicely done indeed. Makes me want to scratch one up......
  3. No EXO that's not what I meant. True, sharp squared corners, I mean the flat surfaces are too flat I guess is the best way to put it. In these line images; http://macross2.net/m3/macrossdyrl/rabbit/rabbit-lineart.gif and here; http://macross2.net/m3/macrossdyrl/rabbit/rabbit.gif The Door on the side is the give away. Notice how it isn't a straight line in either image (more pronounced in the colour image)? It's curved, as it follows the contours of the fuselage. It isn't a huge curve, but it is there and noticeable. I will say the detailing looks pretty good tho.
  4. hrmmmm just checked out the line art and forgive me, but it looks much to squared off. Needs rounder, softer lines to it.
  5. I'm interested in the 1/48 kit. BUT, if that doesn't come to be I'd take a 1/72 one.
  6. Any chance of seeing one in 1/48?
  7. BTW, payment is due when its ready to ship, correct?
  8. Sign me up. Didn't know that there was a VF-11 Armoured Battroid.
  9. Cripes, how did I miss this post? Too busy working my fingers to the bone again..... Yeah count me in for both 1/72 Dragon II and Q-Rau. If you were gonna do a Macros SDF-1 TV version I'd prefer 1/2500 scale (I have no idea if there is one in this scale already.) Two reasons for this; One, Neptune Models did a Salan Scout in that scale and there are a few Legend of the Galactic Heroes ship in this scale, as well as pile of Star Trek stuff (another guilty pleasure of mine). Two, it'll have to tide me over until that glorious day when Neptune Models deicdes to go back to it's Macross 1/5000 series and do more space cucumbers.
  10. I'd prefer it in 1/48. Along with the Mig 29.
  11. interested perhaps in a 1/48. But I'd like to know the cost.
  12. The guy at Canuck Models was no help then? He does very nice work.....
  13. So this is what the decals will look like? Are they shipping with the kit, or later on?
  14. Be interested in a 1/48 scale one myself.
  15. I'm in for one, but I have to ask about payment due date, estimated delivery date, shipping. is multiple payments possible, etc.,
  16. Has there been any news on this front? I haven't heard anything about cancelled. Is there a posting around somewhere?
  17. Isn't Thor the guy who was gonna do a 1/48 Lancer II a few years ago, and then dropped the whole thing without a word?
  18. Okay I have been living under a rock or something. Is this a 1/350 Macross monster I'm looking at?
  19. Yes sir it has been quite awhile. Is this going to be a straight reissue I assume? What's the payment/delivery window like? Monies are tied up until August 8th. However interested in getting another one. And more importantly......when you making new 1/72 (or 1/48 hehe) Macross resin goodness? It has been sometime.....
  20. Lemme see if I have this straight; Macross Toys go in the Toys forum, Macross Model kits go in the Models forum, and Macross toys and model kits go in the workshop forum?
  21. So how does a numpty like myself get my hands on these amazing things? I don't speak or read Japanese....or live in Japan...
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