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  1. I haven't been around in a while, but these are two designs that I have always had interest in. Count me in for one set, I'm asking my friend if he wants one too.
  2. That's right! I like to dry fit the parts together, then sand all the surfaces to be glued, to rough it up. Sometimes, you can work out a better fit and less putty will be needed later on.
  3. Hey TMB! Blast from the past! Hasegawa makes great aircraft kits, so they know what they're doing. Building these would be like building any other plane. The fit should be pretty good, and just take your time with the clear parts. As with any kit, the instructions are a good guide, but I usually go through and start with all basic assemblies first (eg: wings, cockpit, etc) so you can try to have everything lined up for getting them all together without major delays.
  4. You might want to practice on a couple less complicated kits first to get the feel of using cements and putties (should you take that route.). I would recommend watching some vids on youtube, there are plenty! Where do you live? Is there a local model club you can visit for tips and ideas?
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