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  1. From Wikipedia: Airwolf was painted "Phantom Gray Metallic" (DuPont Imron 5031X) on top, and a custom pearl-gray (almost white) on the bottom.
  2. Wow, that looks great! That could have been the boxart!
  3. I would have also preferred all plastic instead of cloth but the face does look better than previous release. This should look good next to the DX VF-1D and fan racer. Order placed.
  4. Severed tuna head would have been a cool accessory! Are they including the white wrap cloth for that scene? I see it in some of the photos but not on KCs site. I do like the face sculpt a lot more than the previous release. I hope the heads are compatible with the previous figure.
  5. That would be great if they make DYRL figures, but I would hope that they complete the TV line up first. I want to see Milia, Claudia, and Kakizaki.
  6. Thanks! Yes, I want to make the DYRL versions. KC hasn't shown anything past a possible TV Max, so in the meantime I have plans for more Hikarus, Misas, Minmays, Minmays, and more Minmays.
  7. Thanks! Yeah, I'm trying out the CM head on him. I wish they would have kept the prototype sculpt.
  8. Thank you! Still works in progress but finally got them all together.
  9. Group shot with some customs.
  10. Did anyone get a response for the 1/12 consoles? I order combo set C+D via e-mail but haven't received any response. Is their another way to order besides going through e-mail or Facebook?
  11. Does anyone know if Arcadia or Bandai web exclusives can be purchased through the Buyee proxy (not auction)?
  12. Agreed, that does look cool! I would be interested in a custom Alaska Base valk. @Anasazi37 PM sent for a decals set.
  13. So does anyone have an extra set of legs? AmiAmi is not offering to send me the replacement parts.
  14. It's a tight fit but it is possible to have him with the visor down and with hair if you install the visor in the down position.
  15. Here is the screenshot of my order page. The e-mail asked for the same amount. I might have to try again. Worst thing is I end up with two, but that's better than none. I have used them before to preorder the Minmay printed figure and they also took deposit as "Charge 1" and then asked for payment when the item was available.
  16. So is From Japan asking for the full payment? I tried it and got an e-mail asking only for the preorder amount. Am I doing this right?
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