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  1. Does this answer the question? https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/USS_Goddard Not the best font choice if you ask me. Carl
  2. Hello, I recently just watched the first 2 seasons of the Mandalorian and really enjoyed it. However I have one question that has been bugging me. What is known about the group that was housing Grogu before the Mandalorian took custody of him? I'm wondering if these were "good" guys that were protecting Grogu from the bounty hunters knowing fragments of the Empire were after him. If these were "bad" guys, why hadn't they simply sold Grogu to the highest bidder. He appeared heathy when we first see him so I assume he was getting fed and taken care of while there and the impression given is that he had been there for years. Seeing as the Mandelorian killed most if not all of those in that encampment in the process of recovering Grogu I'm not certain what I am supposed to be thinking about this group. Starting your story by having the main character killing a bunch of good guys doesn't sound like a smart move but in hindsight their motives appear to have been to protect Grogu. Thoughts? Has this been discussed elsewhere? I know I'm slow to the game here. Thanks, Carl
  3. Hello, I saw where you pointed someone to this thread for proposed model kit projects. Here is a subject that might be fun. Granted there isn't much reference material but this may be an opportunity to flesh out the details by "Moscatofication" and may be fun, and I'm curious what you'd do with it. I'm thinking of the 2007 Legioss with or without the Dread2. The Dread2 appears to be a reimagined Tread. Not certain what to make of the Dread1 in the below image as it appears to show it connected to the 1984 Legioss but doesn't look anything like the Tread (Anyone able to translate the text on this page?) A set of the P-51 Mustang, the F-18 Hornet, the 1984 Legioss, and the 2007 Legioss all in the same scale would also make for a very interesting display piece. Just throwing out some ideas. Carl
  4. I'm in for 2. And a small fleet of Alpha/Beta combos. Just sent payment. Thanks Shawn for the heads up. Carl P.S. Will the Alpha/Beta combo be separable? Available in any other modes than fighter? The combo gerwalk mode would be nice and may be the only other mode doable at this scale. Not sure... Can it be attached to the Horizont like this with the box over the cockpit?
  5. I suspect this money isn't coming from Chronicle Collectibles. Partial.ly was acting as a middle man via collecting these payments. I suspect they have some insurance that covers situations like this. So this is likely them distributing an insurance payout. If people didn't get their money back people would likely be trying to sue them because suing Chronicle Collectibles wouldn't have likely been very fruitful. At least that is what I think is happening here. Carl
  6. I contacted my CC company and was informed I needed to contest each transaction separately. From my login account I could only see 5 statements so could only see a fraction of the transactions I needed to context. In my case there were a total of 14 transactions so I needed to follow a procedure of requesting they upload the older statements first. I did that Tuesday and they have just now shown up. However, even better news, just 20 minutes ago I got 14 emails from Partial.ly just like this one: So it looks like I'm getting 100% of my money back without even contesting via my credit card. I hope this is true for those that didn't use PP or a CC as well. Carl
  7. Looks like I was wrong... Chronicle Collectibles may very well be in the business of screwing over their customers. http://www.sideshowcollectors.com/forums/showthread.php?t=171649&page=47
  8. I did. But I'm not in panic mode yet. Chronicle Collectibles I don't believe is in the business of screwing over their customers. I'm rather sure this will get sorted out. It is just right now I have no idea what is going on. I'm guessing the entire project was cancelled but if so I'd expect some sort of announcement.
  9. Did anyone here order the Chronicle Collectibles Enterprise-D? I did back when they reduced the price to $1701. https://chroniclecollectibles.com/products/enterprise-d I've been making monthly payments to a Partial.ly Payment Plan since. The 13th of 16 payments was just pulled successfully back on 9/11/2020. And yesterday I got an email from noreply@partial.ly that simply stated: I immediately called Chronicle Collectibles and left a voice mail. I also emailed them. So far no reply. Today I emailed Partial.ly. No idea what is going on at the moment. Did they cancel their Enterprise-D? If so I cannot find anything that announces that. There have been zero issue with the 13 payments to date so not sure if its just my payment plan that was cancelled or everyone's. If the project was cancelled, I've seen no mention of how I get the funds back that have already been collected. Anyone here know anything? Thanks, Carl
  10. Based on what you say above about Star Trek: New Voyages and Star Trek Continues, it must have been something to do with the fundraising specifically. Walter Koenig, George Takei, Grace Lee Whintey, Denise Crosby, John de Lancie, Michael Dorn, Jason Isaacs, and Marina Sirtis are all professional actors and I fail to see how this doesn't really blur the distinction between fan-film and professional production, especially so when you have the same actor playing the same part. I don't know how Star Trek: New Voyages or Star Trek Continues is funded, I haven't looked into it. Maybe these actors and actresses freely volunteered their time, I'm not sure. Just looked here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Trek:_New_Voyages and here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Trek_Continues and I see Star Trek Continues also used crowdfunding to pay for production. Still not sure how Star Trek: New Voyages was funded or exactly what the line was that Axanar crossed. Digging a bit further I see Star Trek Continues raised $539,661 across 3 crowdfunding campaigns and from what I can see Anaxar raised $1,785,181 across 4 crowdfunding campaigns. I'm tempted to guess that the "line" Anaxar crossed was this transition from 6 to 7 digits in Star Trek fan capital. Carl
  11. I watched this yesterday and missed the SDF-1 so I was just about to ask if this was a joke. But I thought I better give it a second view before potentially making myself look too stupid and I spotted it. I love the way he sneaks it in. Carl
  12. Is it safe to assume we crossed the 30 kit threshold back on the 26th? Just curious if there was an official announcement that this project was a "go". Carl
  13. I'm in for one. For the in-scale fighter are we talking about the Legioss/Tread combo? Three of those I guess could also be considered 6 aircraft so I wasn't sure. Thanks, Carl
  14. Is this the image you are looking at? If so the head-fin appears to be completely blocked by the front landing gear, so I'm not sure how you can tell if the fin is dragging or not. If there is another image you are referring to, could you post it or a link? Thanks, Carl
  15. Ok.... just got an email from Shawn. Looks like these were the same project. This post should tell you who my source was and fills in the gap between 2007 and 2009. Carl P.S. Does this mean I should take those PDF files down? Not really intending to open an old wound.
  16. The source I got these PDF files from is NOT Roger Harkavy. Going back and checking my email, my first contact with Roger was in May 2009. The files I just posted were files I obtained in 2007, which is well before I was aware of what Roger was working on. I suppose that it is possible that the "friend" referred to by my source was Roger (I honestly don't know) but I have a collection of line art that I've received directly from Roger in 2009 and 2010 that I believe has very little overlap with these 3 pdf files. I went through that first looking for the image Akim posted and I didn't see it there. I'll check again. There is obviously a few details from 2007 to 2010 that I've forgotten myself but at least at the time I made the above post I was thinking these were separate projects. Carl
  17. WOW!!!! I don't remember seeing this before. Great find Akim!!! What!!! That is from me!? I guess after years of collecting Mospeada stuff I was bound to forget something. Let me do some digging and see if I can find where this came from. That's it!!! I knew I had read someplace that went into more detail. As for "why Imai wanted it" I think I got that from here: http://www.starshipmodeler.com/mecha/ls_mos.htm This appears to be speculation so shouldn't be stated as fact. And good news... digging through my Mospeada files I found the image Akim posted. Its in one of 3 PDF files I paid $5 for back in 2007. Here they are: http://wwwmwww.com/Mospeada/New/mospe001.PDF http://wwwmwww.com/Mospeada/New/mospe002.PDF http://wwwmwww.com/Mospeada/New/mospe003.PDF The image Akim posted is page 21 of the mospe002.PDF file. Digging though my emails, I see where I asked the source of these files this question: And the response started off with this: The specific details behind the book and why it was "shut down" he asked me to keep "under wraps" so I don't think I should say too much more. But these 3 PDF files are apparently just a sample of the pictures being collected for this book. Again this was back in 2007, and this source I believe found me through MacrossWorld. I think he's a forum member here but I don't know his forum ID (I probably did at the time but it is not in the email and I don't remember it) so I cannot check if he's still active or not. If he is and wants to share more details he's certainly welcome to. It is also interesting to note that those two images appear to be essentially traced from the images seen on page 13 and page 20 and then added to. Carl
  18. I believe the missile pod between the arms is removable. Can any one confirm? Are there any pictures of it in fighter mode with this removed? My understanding of the history of this addition is that Imai added it to their initial Legioss model to cover an unsightly hole between the arms in their model. I remember reading the details someplace long ago but cannot seem to find the exact link now. Its mentioned in passing here: http://www.starshipmodeler.com/mecha/ls_mos.htm and here: http://anymoon.com/blog/?p=10263 But I recall a link that went into more detail. If anyone else knows the where this is discussed please share. I know its never seen in the show and I'm 99% sure its not seen in any of the line art either. Anyways, I hope it is removable and not necessary to hold the arms in position in fighter mode. Granted this is a re-design, but this addition is something I always though hurt the generally look of the Legioss. Carl
  19. I design twisty puzzles, puzzle rings, and a some packing puzzles. I've also written for Game & Puzzle Design. Here is my lastest twisty puzzle. Its the Double Circle Real 6×6×6, which is effectively a 2×2×2, inside of a 4×4×4, all inside of a 6×6×6 with all 216 cubies solvable. I got my own K40 laser cutter up and running to cut out the acrylic tiles for me. WOW5 and WASP are two of my puzzle ring designs. Hex-Pave is one of my packing puzzles. Carl
  20. Nice GIF!! That makes me wonder if anyone has tried to make a GIF of the full transformation from bike to armor mode. If so I'd love to see it. Carl
  21. Thanks!!! Carl
  22. Has anyone been able to download the LDD instructions? When I click that link I just get the message "Error (404) We can't find the page you're looking for." Not sure if its a problem at my end or the other end. Carl
  23. I recognize the drop ship and the APC in the above picture. What is the mech? I don't recall seeing that in Aliens. Carl
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