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  1. "Ce n'est qu'un au revoir .... " John ...
  2. Another great project ! Any possibilities for 1/72 scale ?
  3. Very nice model. Not the best artistic pictures but well, good to see a Regult won versus a valk !
  4. No... Just the glasses of Basara !
  5. Really nice job. 1 Regult saved !
  6. I was thinking on a blue / white Regult who likes to be green as a Q-Rau or something like that. I should try by myself on a kit.
  7. Thanks to save this old poor regult kit Do you plan to apply the standart color scheme ? thinking about it as we see so many scheme for the valks. It could be great to see a non cannon scheme. No project on the figures ?
  8. Can't wait to see the final result !
  9. Like father, like son... Good luck to paint the missiles inside
  10. Great job ! What a pain for the eyes to paint such a tiny valk !
  11. I'm in for 1. You will send me details when you have the time (or will send you a PM if you prefer). Not hurry anymore.
  12. Fantastic job Captain (again again again and again, as always !!! ) I saw the project 1 month ago and WHOAA... the result ! PM sent
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