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I don't think the X-Men's black armor are their only costumes. I think all of them will have costumes reminiscent of comic book style costumes. Quicksilver looks like he has a lightning bolt on the front of his costume and Mystique's is white like her old school comic book costume.

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Team Captain America vs. Team Iron Man

Superman vs. Batman

X-men vs. X-men

Anyone else notice this theme?

It's been X-men vs. Xmen for a long time. Mutants are always fighting each other.
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It isn't like the Fox movies where one look at Jennifer Garner in her latest X-men costume and if she didn't have blue skin, no fan would know she's Mystique (assuming they've never watched an X-Men movie before). Or the new Fox Jean Grey costume, it's just a red head in black suit. Rachel Summers? New member? The point is, MCU makes more recognizable and iconic costumes whereas other companies don't seem to get it.

This guy has never watched an X-Men movie.

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Very nice! 90's X-men! Do you have Bishop?

I can't wait for the X-men wave of Marvel legends to be released. I really want an updated Rogue figure to go into my 6 inch collection.

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