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Doesn't count, that's a one-off comic from a continuation of the old X-Men Cartoon that came out only six months ago anyway.

The other five would have turned around and sawed off Bishops head if it had anything to do with the actual X-Force Comics.

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Not bad. Still looking good enough to keep me interested. i really like how they visualize Quicksilver's powers. Certainly one of the most entertaining uses of super speed I've seen onscreen.
The new cast looks quite good and I'm glad Sophie Turner has turned her GoT noteriety into more roles. She should make a great Jean Grey.

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Okay X-men Fanboi rant mode on!.

Several gripes with what we've seen so far:

1. Still not Digging Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse. His voice sounds terrible, Apocalypse has never been shown to have a human appearance ( except for shape shifting). I'll wait to see how he handles the character. He's a great actor so I'll reserve judgment and give him the benefit of doubt.

2. Magneto and Storm playing bitch to anyone ( too out of character for them both) I'll have to suspend disbelief here.

3. Cyclops with Shades!! WTF. He's codenamed Cyclops for a reason. Bring back the visor! The visor for field work.

4. I'll keep saying it. The X-men uniforms are terrible. Deadpool had a fraction of this movies budget and had worlds better X-Men Uniforms. The costumes are incrementally getting better, but I'll be dead and buried before we see something similar to what they should look like from the comics. Singer, hire the Deadpool costume designer for future X-men films! The heroes and villains all look like they shop from the same costume outlet. Too monochromatic.

But, otherwise still excited for this film. The new cast members look amazing and I hope they continue with sequels down the road focusing on them as X-men. Psylocke looks great, I want to see her in a X-force film. Jubilee looks like she jumped straight out of the 90's cartoon or Jim Lee's pencils! Nightcrawler is slowly making me forget Alan Cummings take on the fuzzy elf. Loved Quicksilver's line about his dad. The archangel wings look amazing. I hope the combat sequences are entertaining. Storm vs Cyclops reminds me of the 80's issue where they squared off in the danger room.

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Pretty cool concept. I would swap the yellow with the Black on the torso, but it works nonetheless. Yeah, Wolverine's X-men uniform was such an epic fail in all of the movies. Hugh Jackman has such a great physique and they wasted it too a large extent with the full sleeves look in X-men,X2 and even DOFP. I always thought his would've been the easiest to translate even if they didn't want to include the mask. What you posted is similar to what my minds eye would've done with his costume to keep in line with the movies current costume aesthetic.

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i'll give it a watch.. why stop now? what's wrong with leather pants and shoes? Not boots....SHOES! J/K, always hated the costumes. I don't think Singer can make good fight scenes, even in DOFP especially the china scenes, everything looked like it was on a small set. The handling of colossus has been UGH!! Everyone sucks at fighting. Every other superhero movie can kick the singer verse X-mens' ass, well except for quick silver, which is Zack Morris levels or pausing reality.

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