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They're going to be at the Shizuoka Hobby Show, May 18th and 19th

Argh, I'll be down south at that time, but I'll be seeing my favorite band in Osaka that weekend instead! Well, maybe next year.

I wonder how many modelers would try to make the Macross 30 Valks. Leon's YF-25s, the Ita-Valks and... the scratch built YF-30s?

Aside from Macross, there will be so many Yamato 2199 and Girls und Pantzer plamodels this year.

I wonder I can go there...

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Total forum necromancy here, but just wanted to say that I'll be a member of the VF-1 Riders for a day! Just reserved my flight and hotel to go to the Shizuoka Hobby Show this year. Since I've got work on Monday, I'm only going to be able to participate on Saturday, May 14th. I plan on taking plenty of photos!

Now, the main question is which kits to bring.....

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Your 1/144 VF-X displays and the Launch arm kit at least. And any Destroid/Regult goodness just because they dont get enough airtime.

And if you get the chance, can you find out whos printing their custom decals for them?

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cool congrats. You should bring the 1/144 VF-X kits you have.

Yes, I was thinking about those. Can't bring the launch arm, though. Don't want to risk taking that one on a plane. Maybe at this summer's HMC in Sapporo (if I'm free this year). I'll be bringing the soon to be finished Tornado Messiah, and either my VF-1J改 or VF-11 with boosters.

I think they make their own decals themselves. I'll see if I can find out for sure how.

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That's either a Messiah or a Prophesy with VF-19 wings on it. Can't remember what it was called, though. It's several years old, too; not something recently made because of Delta.

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Got the most important packing for the weekend done.


For the record, I'm bringing my VF-1J改 (Macross the First), VF-11 Thunderbolt with boosters, VF-25F Tornado Messiah, and VT-11 Emu. I think there's 25 members participating this year. Due to work, and the fact I live 600 miles away from Shizuoka, I can only participate on Saturday. We'll be at Line B, No.11 in Twin Messe, Shizuoka. Hope to see a few of you there this Saturday!

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OK. I'm sure a lot of these you may have seen on Twitter already, but here they are! Some reason, I ended up in the front row! And a lot of people were fascinated by my Flightpose Stands. Hmmm, Yeti Stands for the next time I go?
















From behind the table


Not the Riders, but a few other kits I found interesting:







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The more I see your VF-25+Tornado, the more I'm tempted to Pick the two kits up and try the 'bash myself... it gives the '25 the presence the SV-51's have; Big, Powerful and Dangerous...

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Any more information on that half fighter/half GERWALK mode VF-1EX?

It's an old Imai 1/144 scale kit, modded to legs down.

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