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Just grabbed this sweet shirt over at superherostuff.com for 7 bucks with a code.

I think I got the last medium.

sweet shirt for casual friday! i'll stuff myself with cake this week and try to get a large one then lol

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thundercracker is a takara tomy mall exclusive...limited to 2000 or was it 4000 unites domestically in japan.

sort of like a bandai tamashi nations exclusive...hlj etc wont' have it. nippon yasan may evetnaully stock (scalp it)....but asian retailers have the slightly wider asian/international release (and that is what the american retialers will get too IIFC...this is just like blue bluestreak)

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Guest davidwhangchoi

Just got back from being away this weekend this morning... I checked and still no trypicon...

Anyone hear any news of what's going on w target's shipments?

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i'm a bit confused with the different TF lines these days, so pardon the silly questions:

- is Combiner Wars same as the Unite series?

- are CW and Unite same "scale" as MP?

basically, i'm looking to get a Predaking, Menasor, Bruticus, and Superion, that would be roughly the same size as Maketoys Green Giant.

appreciate recommendations. thanks

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To answer your questions:
  • Unite Warriors (from Takara) has the combiners from Combiner Wars done as gift-sets.
  • They are not in scale with Masterpieces except for CW Devastator.

Some recommendations. For Menasor I would go with the FansProject one because he has the same design than Green Giant.

Here is a picture from seibertron.com


You see CW Superion is roughly the same size as Giant so should be Menasor and the upcoming Bruticus (made from Hot Spot). If you want to be G1 accurate I would go with the Unite Warriors gift sets from Takara because they have all the G1 bots and not their Hasbro replacements. Also you don't have to hunt them down individually

It is also rumored that Unite Warriors Bruticus will have a retooled Blast Off that looks actually like a Shuttle. The Hasbro version will have a brown colored Arialbot. You can buy the gift sets from Japanese import stores like HLJ. The Protectobots will be a Takara Mall exclusive so you have to go through a middle man.

Menasor: http://www.hlj.com/product/TKT83172/Sci

Superion: http://www.hlj.com/product/TKT83168/Sci

There are no information on Bruticus but he should be out soon.

Hasbro said at Botcon that they won't do any beast combiners so your out of luck for Predaking. For him you could also go third party and I recommend Feral Rex (easily the best of the three not Predakings) but he is expensive. You can find them at different retailers and they also releasing a Nero Rex gift-set in black and purple. But their Reformatted style is not really compatible with CW and MP (well maybe with CW). Here is a comparison pic with Green Giant from Cybertron.ca:


The Unique Toys Warlord is probably available at a discount and it goes well with the Classics style. He is bigger as Green Giant:


However he has many parts formery bits like the whole chest and waist area of Predaking where Feral Rex is mostly perfect transformation. He is probably the one with the most QC issues like poor design and bleeding paint apps.

The other not-Predaking is TFCs Ares. He is the same size as their Hercules (so he is quite a bit bigger than Green Giant) with the same Unicron trilogy style. I don't like the aesthetic and it seems that TFC has not made any improvements to their toys after Hercules. I haven't found any good comparison pictures.

Hope that helps.

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New diaclone/Ehobby/Autocar - because you don't have enough red and white lambo's in your life.



Came up on TFsource and BBTS quick - wonder if the japanese sites will carry it.

I assume so.

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Since I don't own the toys I can say for sure. Maybe you get a better response if you ask on a Transformers centric message board. Here is a link where you can find more comparison shots: http://www.seibertron.com/transformers/news/video-review-transformers-generations-combiner-wars-breakdown/32351/

With Menasor keep in mind that there is an alternate hip transformation that allows for a sleeker silhouette (and I think hip movement) that makes him an inch or so taller.

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