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  1. In Episode 22 , part 1 of 2, we interview Cy Voris. He did storyboards and wrote on Galaxy Rangers, then went on to a career as a Hollywood writer. Among his credits: Kung Fu Panda! How cool is that? Anyhow, he's a great dude with tons of stories.
  2. In Episode 21, we're joined by SwagWave, creator of some of YouTube's most popular stop-motion videos.
  3. As the podcast is considered by me to be entertainment first, informational second, the information we extol really shouldn't be considered gospel. We just provide info as we remember it. That said, I don't see where I was confused about Southern Cross and Robotech: The Sentinels, but at least you laughed. I did kick myself because I learned more about James Luceno's work after we'd recorded. It would've been good to give him credit for his other work. Thanks for listening!
  4. Here's Episode 20, titled "The Power Within". We were pretty unforgiving with this episode. Was it deserved? You be the judge. Here's one of the comic pages I pencilled. We discuss it in the first few minutes of this episode.
  5. After a long break, we review Episode 19 "Scarecrow", the scariest episode so far! Joined by talented friends, there are plenty of laughs and keen observations to go around. Check out "Scarecrow" HERE! *All images are provided by Betamountain.org
  6. Here's the debut episode of Series 6: Longshot . We talk Endgame, the Game of Thrones finale and my fanfic version of it, and even a little bit of Cobra Kai.
  7. This next podcast breaks with the format as it's not a Galaxy Rangers episode review. But rather, it's a candid look at the inner workings of the podcast. Not as many jokes as usual, but I do feel cleansed. Click HERE to check out Series 6: Longshot, Episode Zero
  8. Here's Episode 18 This one's called Space Moby. Images provided by Betamountain.org
  9. Here's Episode 17! The following pic should say it all.
  10. Hot off the audio editor... Check out part 2 here!
  11. It's Episode 16, titled "The Ax"! We're joined by Dan Fiorella, the guy that actually wrote the episode! This event was so huge it had to be split into two podcasts. Click here to check out part 1 of 2!
  12. Here's Episode 15 This episode rips off Star Wars: A New Hope ...and 30 years later gets ripped off by Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  13. https://youtu.be/TGEWfWoPHi0 This is Swagwave's impressive conclusion to the Combiner Wars stop motion series. I lend my voice to a few of the characters.
  14. On this special episode, we celebrate the Series 6 Podcast's one year anniversary! Our listeners present us with an amazing surprise, Tony Danza is denied ice cream, and one of us goes missing. Check Out Episode 14 Here!
  15. Join us for our first live review as we return from East Coast Comic Con. Check out Lucky Episode 13 ! Titled Space Sorcerer
  16. Oddly enough, the episode you described is the one we just reviewed. It's Episode 12, Titled "Tune Up". And the bad audio mix you mentioned is present in this episode. It has the worst audio of the 12 we've gone through. Hopefully, the remaining eps don't have similar problems. And as usual, when we encounter an episode we don't like, we try to compensate by injecting more humor into the review. Check Out Our Review of Episode 12 Here!
  17. Sweet! Thanks for the heads up! I'll be picking this up. Although, at only 13 episodes, I hope there's decent bang for the buck.
  18. Alot of people have asked that. Don't know. But Netflix definitely should! If the pod has taught me anything, it's that there's an audience for it.
  19. Here's Episode 10! We're back after a long break without skipping a beat! Yes. We talk about that majestic mustache!
  20. Woot! We're getting lots of MW traffic lately. Thanks, guys!
  21. In this one, we review Episode 9 , the most beautifully animated episode yet!
  22. Episode 7 of Series 6 Podcast is up. Sense of humor required for this one.
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