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  1. Shackwave wasn't a knockoff. It was the original version of the toy. As much as Diaclones were the original Autobots.
  2. Despite all those strikes against it, I think I'll keep my Quakewave pre-order because, apparently, he's over an inch taller. That puts him at the same height as Apollyon, which makes Quakewave believable as a usurper. They're releasing a darker version so the color is no longer an issue. I can live with the legs, especially since they're metal. I like that the barrel actually transforms into his backpack. The official one does look cleaner and more show accurate. I may buy it too if I find a bargain.
  3. My only chance is to find one in the wild. TRU's website is full of false hopes and empty promises. Ordered twice in as many weeks and was notified both times that the orders were cancelled. TRU's mother.
  4. Bahahaha! I'm Hot Rod's biggest fan, but that was pretty damn funny.
  5. In the initial release of the toys, Bumblebee and Cliffjumper were mistakenly color swapped. It was corrected later on, but the first Cliffjumper toy I ever saw was yellow.
  6. MP-01 has gimmicks and details that MP-10 didn't inherit. MP-10 is better, overall, but if you have the option and means to own both, get yourself an MP-01. I like both of them alot, but for very different reasons (most of which were already discussed in the past couple pages). Did anyone mention the working pistons in MP-01's elbows, knees, and heels? That blew me away when I first got mine.
  7. Here ya go. http://well-of-souls.com/orbots/
  8. Gonna keep my iGear Ratchet and get official Ironhide. Best of both worlds.
  9. That's pricey. I'll live with the standard DVD set.
  10. According to the pre-order I saw, the price difference is about $90. Most speculators were pretty much spot on.
  11. These days, diecast doesn't always have the same longevity. The Yamato Garlands had diecast parts that disintegrated over time. I'd be all for more metal in the MP line...if it's the kind that lasts.
  12. Sweet! I still have my Metroplex boxed...although the box is beat to crap.
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