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  1. This is what I would do, but it's risky: Apply a tiny bit at a time of Goo Gone with a Q-tip, waiting about 10 minutes between each application. Eventually, it should dissolve or soften the adhesive enough to simply peel the sticker off. Wipe excess with a clean, dry paper towel.
  2. They're coming to the US as individual Deluxes. But it looks like Japan gets them first as part of their respective teams.
  3. Speaking of ludicrous markups, has anybody seen the G1 Insecticon set that supposedly has a $90 SRP?
  4. The only Combiner Wars stuff I've seen has been the scout class (or whatever size Powerglide is) figures.
  5. Looks like the lions have necks this time around. Toynami could sell a bunch of those based on that alone.
  6. I have it pre-ordered as well. I would have held out for an official release, but with the promo shots of the upcoming Leader Megatron standing next to MP-10, I figure an official gun Megatron is off the table.
  7. Slingshot? As in the Harrier? Then what was all this helicopter business about?
  8. Welcome news. Having missed out on iGear's version, I need an Ironhide. And Tracks is one of my favorites. With all the unofficial Mirages and not-Suntreaker on the horizon, I figured those two would be next.
  9. I noticed that the local stores here only stock the newest stuff in dribs and drabs. Then, after a month or two of making collectors like me buy the items online in a panic that we'll never see them in the wild, retailers opened the floodgates. Panic purchases I had made (like Voyager Whirl) suddenly filled the shelves and nobody wanted them until the holiday rush. Now those same shelves are a barren wasteland, the stock being withheld once again.
  10. Hah! On the first pass, I thought Roddy and Optimus were balanced on Grimlock's back!
  11. Hold on...That's recent?? I thought that sketch was a vintage piece. Aside from the sloped windshield, there is no difference from the original toy.
  12. I opened mine yesterday and transformed it to carrier and back. Ho-lee-hell. The transformation is amazing. They could easily have gone with a shell-former and given his arms the exact process as the G1 toy. But no. I think the MP transformation has been taken to a new level with this figure. There are details like the rear wheels folding away and being replaced by the little wheel-like nubs found on the character model. In carrier mode, the shoulder launchers have the same two configurations as the original toy...minus the need to remove and reattach them. The engineering on Magnus is very outside-the-box. Add to all that the decent price I paid for it and I'm absolutely satisfied with my purchase.
  13. Magnus and Bee are on their way to me according the email I got this morning. Over $30 shipping. Box must be huge! HLJ's early bird prices and the weaker Yen vs. Dollar offset the shipping cost quite a bit.
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