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DX VF-171EX from Macross Frontier


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Awesome news!!! So this is what Anymoon has been hinting at in the VF-25 v2 thread. Considering the timing of the release, I am curious to see if Bandai is reverse engineering the design of the VF-17 by Yamato. Either way, this is a must have, but I have a feeling that this one will be more difficult to track down than the VF-25S v2.


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Finally! Hope the CF doesn't end up as an exclusive.

Conspiracy time: could the almost non existent promotion of the 17 by Yamato be related to them not wanting Bandai to get ideas for the transformation? Or could Bandai been waiting to see the sales of the 17 and their own renewal valks before hitting the print button on this one (that release date is just 3+ months away)?

The Yamato vs Bandai wars could have a new battle brewing (but remember: one is chunky and the other is the skinny cousin with a nose job LOL).

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Great news, indeed!

Although I understand why they're releasing Alto's scheme first I wish they had gone with the Teal CF version; after all, that is the first VF we see in the MF series.

Regardless, I can't wait for the pre-orders to be up and hope they don't close within minutes of doing so.

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I am very curious to see how Bandai makes this different, particularaly how the crotch section transforms versus Yamato's 17. Since the transformations are largely the same. Also how the backpack attaches and if they'll have to have covers for the hands in fighter mode as well. Their old 17 and Yammies new 17 had to have them and it's hard to see how they really could do that different, especially on a version of the valk that's skinnier/smaller then its counterpart.

I'm also curious to see how the back of the thing is held up in Gerwalk. I kinda feel like the Yamato one is not as stable as it could/should be.

Based off these images here I'd say fighter mode is going to be the real winner here. Gerwalk i'd have to take a closer look at. Based on the two images of Battroid I think Yamato's 17 looks superior but I need a chance to play with this new one first. If it turns out it's as fun to pose (if not more so), possibly more stable then the 17, I may change my mind.

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Crazy news. But the VF-171EX always come with the extra weapons on screen.


Standard for Bandai - release base unit at lower price, then the add-on for 50% more. I expect the web limited super pack to be announced around June to boost sale.

i wonder if the weapon pod will be collapseable like the vf 17 yamato

No need. That gun is external in fighter mode.


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Are they taking a leaf out of Yamato's book by leaving all the tampos off? :D

Please Mecha God, No!


Good that they started off with Alto's unit.

Hopefully the make Luca's too.

We have only 3 variants. Am I right?

VF-171EX with Super Parts (Alto's Unit)

RVF-171 (Luca's Unit)

VF-171 (Unknown soldier or Machida's Unit)

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Please Mecha God, No! We have only 3 variants. Am I right? VF-171EX with Super Parts (Alto's Unit) RVF-171 (Luca's Unit) VF-171 (Unknown soldier or Machida's Unit)

1 more. The 171EX cannon fodder. Off-white without stripes. EDIT: With black striping.

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