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    IMG 6152

    From the album: VF-25F

  2. Lonewolf

    IMG 6151

    From the album: VF-25F

  3. Lonewolf

    IMG 6149

    From the album: VF-25F

  4. Lonewolf

    paint chip

    From the album: VF-25F

  5. Those custom fins are really nice. Well done.
  6. Bummer, I like it better when they are, oh well not that big a deal.
  7. Easy one here : Are the intake covers removable?
  8. For us canadians, the worst of them all is UPS. We get charged monstruous courting fees. For examble : I recently ordered for 95$ USD of stuff. Paid shipping with UPS of 35$ USD to get it shipped to me and then SURPRISE a 50$ CAD COD. That's half the value of what I bought. I emailed them a couple of times regarding this, but all I got of of them is pay your COD or you don't get your stuff. So now, whenever I can choose USPS or other regular postal services I do.
  9. I'm with pud333' POV on this one.
  10. With every new Yamato releases it seems the prices keep going up and up and up. I love their products, but this is getting out of my price range...
  11. It's very well done, very nice custom.
  12. Same here, again this WIP is pure delight everytime it's updated with pic and details.
  13. IMHO this is by far the best 3D rendition of the VF-1 ever! Cheer to you man and please keep it up.
  14. I wouldn't mind a rerelease or renewal on the VF-0, never got a chance to own one
  15. Well I ordered my Super Parts for My VF-25F from them without any incident. Box was in good condition and the communication with them is also good, they have always replied to my e-mails within a day or so.
  16. Just saw the VF-25G for 185.58USD at nippon-yasan
  17. Ordered my VF-25F renewal super parts from them and everything went smoothly.
  18. Here's a screencap showing the crouch plate being plain grey in the anime. I guess, like many, I never noticed it before.
  19. Lonewolf


  20. Lonewolf


    From the album: others

  21. Lonewolf

    Photo 003

    Sorry , but I don'tspeak spanish, but it's only an old 1/48 yamato VF-1J tv version with the 1/48 yamato gbp-1s backpack and a skull sticker applied to the heat shield.
  22. Got my payment request 2 weeks ago from nippon-yasan
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