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  1. Am i correct to say that the pilot should be able to fit in both fighters?
  2. Hello, just to check besides shapways, are there any sites that offers vf-31j antenna replacement? Thanks
  3. Bumped for the day, Btw not to worry i am on the SSL. thanks.
  4. Hi All; It has been a long time, but as i need to clear some items for my purchases, i have no choice. I have a good condition 1/48 Macross VF-1A low visibility valkyrie, the joints are very good condition, no loosen parts or breakages as i don't transform it. It has been placed in fighter mode since i have got it. The missiles, manual and stickers are unused , it does not come with box. I am asking for USD$250 plus USD$30 shipping to US. PM me if keen, thanks.
  5. Hi All, I need some help. I purchase a 1/48 yamato vf-1a and I had a macross hangar arm stand from China but without the adapters . Can anyone advise where could i get them?
  6. The item seems like sold out everywhere.. I cant even get a second copy
  7. Hi there folks; It sure is a tough period that we are going through. With that much time at home, I had some time to fiddle with my RC plane F-22, I had a few macross frontier decals sticked on it. I was thinking are there any more Macross fan that likes RC have any pictures to share? I will share my simple works here and I will look forward to more pictures to come! Thanks everyone
  8. That's great pictures you have the the valk! Wow!!
  9. Thanks for the pics =)
  10. Hi anyone has a picture of DX vf-1a max tv style with ssp?
  11. That's a very nice pose. Am awaiting my strike pack to be ship to me from fromjapan
  12. Thanks, my from japan orders shows 31st dec. Thus I will be more tgen happy if I can get it before new year.
  13. Anyone knows when will the super/strike packs be released ? For the first wave ?
  14. I finally opened a dispute for this and they refund me after. Case close. I got the VF-1S fromAmazon japan instead. The price is about that same I will learn to setup my own bandai account instead of replying on proxy or web shop..
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