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  1. Am i correct to say that the pilot should be able to fit in both fighters?
  2. Hello, just to check besides shapways, are there any sites that offers vf-31j antenna replacement? Thanks
  3. Hi All, I need some help. I purchase a 1/48 yamato vf-1a and I had a macross hangar arm stand from China but without the adapters . Can anyone advise where could i get them?
  4. The item seems like sold out everywhere.. I cant even get a second copy
  5. Hi there folks; It sure is a tough period that we are going through. With that much time at home, I had some time to fiddle with my RC plane F-22, I had a few macross frontier decals sticked on it. I was thinking are there any more Macross fan that likes RC have any pictures to share? I will share my simple works here and I will look forward to more pictures to come! Thanks everyone
  6. That's great pictures you have the the valk! Wow!!
  7. Thanks for the pics =)
  8. Hi anyone has a picture of DX vf-1a max tv style with ssp?
  9. That's a very nice pose. Am awaiting my strike pack to be ship to me from fromjapan
  10. Thanks, my from japan orders shows 31st dec. Thus I will be more tgen happy if I can get it before new year.
  11. Anyone knows when will the super/strike packs be released ? For the first wave ?
  12. I finally opened a dispute for this and they refund me after. Case close. I got the VF-1S fromAmazon japan instead. The price is about that same I will learn to setup my own bandai account instead of replying on proxy or web shop..
  13. Congrats! hopefully they will ship mine soon
  14. It be awesome to fly again. love the thrills of flying at top speed before pulling upwards =)
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