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  1. Hello, just to check besides shapways, are there any sites that offers vf-31j antenna replacement? Thanks
  2. Bumped for the day, Btw not to worry i am on the SSL. thanks.
  3. Hi All; It has been a long time, but as i need to clear some items for my purchases, i have no choice. I have a good condition 1/48 Macross VF-1A low visibility valkyrie, the joints are very good condition, no loosen parts or breakages as i don't transform it. It has been placed in fighter mode since i have got it. The missiles, manual and stickers are unused , it does not come with box. I am asking for USD$250 plus USD$30 shipping to US. PM me if keen, thanks.
  4. Hi All, I need some help. I purchase a 1/48 yamato vf-1a and I had a macross hangar arm stand from China but without the adapters . Can anyone advise where could i get them?
  5. The item seems like sold out everywhere.. I cant even get a second copy
  6. Hi there folks; It sure is a tough period that we are going through. With that much time at home, I had some time to fiddle with my RC plane F-22, I had a few macross frontier decals sticked on it. I was thinking are there any more Macross fan that likes RC have any pictures to share? I will share my simple works here and I will look forward to more pictures to come! Thanks everyone
  7. That's great pictures you have the the valk! Wow!!
  8. Thanks for the pics =)
  9. Hi anyone has a picture of DX vf-1a max tv style with ssp?
  10. That's a very nice pose. Am awaiting my strike pack to be ship to me from fromjapan
  11. Thanks, my from japan orders shows 31st dec. Thus I will be more tgen happy if I can get it before new year.
  12. Anyone knows when will the super/strike packs be released ? For the first wave ?
  13. I finally opened a dispute for this and they refund me after. Case close. I got the VF-1S fromAmazon japan instead. The price is about that same I will learn to setup my own bandai account instead of replying on proxy or web shop..
  14. Congrats! hopefully they will ship mine soon
  15. It be awesome to fly again. love the thrills of flying at top speed before pulling upwards =)
  16. This is my first attempt at repainting a Su27 fighter to a VF-25F valkyrie. The plane has already being maiden earlier. But after a few mods, I will probably need to maiden her again this weekend. Just for sharing. *as I am not sure which is the correct topic, I have choose to share my joy here. If it's not appropriate please do move my topics as deemed fit. Thanks.
  17. anyone ordered from NY? kinda no response from their customer service ...
  18. I managed to buy Vf-1J chogokin at JPY25,000 is it consider as expensive since i missed the opening ?
  19. Hi All; I have a DX Chogokin renewal version VF-25A with Super parts for sale here. All is present except for boxes, only transformed once, all manuals and spare parts are accounted for . Asking for USD$200 excluding shipping. Estimated the shipping will take USDE$50 max, please rest assure that it is the original bandai valkyries. Interested parties, please msg i will send pictures for your reference. Thanks. With regards Edmund
  20. thanks man, thik it be good except I need a super parts set now... I originally got the tornado set for it. not probably have to get a super as well.
  21. Guys, need some help. Anyone knows where to get replacement parts for the left hip cover ?
  22. For sale from out of USA. 1.)YF-25 bandai MISB USD 250 2.) VF-19 Advance MIB USD $450. Excludes shipping charges. If keen please drop me a pm. Thanks
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