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  1. Those who didn't like The Last Jedi for being too bold and subversive will probably enjoy this movie, as Solo returns to the good old fun that was the original trilogy. Unfortunately, for me, while the movie was entertaining, it was just too generic and employed a formula that is against the diversification Disney is pushing. White hero with a feisty love interest and a black sidekick? Come on, this is the post Black Panther era.
  2. Doesn't matter whether they call this a masterpiece or some other name. To me, the movie designs still look like a bunch of scrap metal squished together. Ironhide's black and silver color scheme only make things worse. In fact, movie bots look like the love child of Xenomorphs and the machines from The Matrix. G1 masterpiece all the way for me, haha
  3. Ivan

    Hi-Metal R

    Between the VF-4 and VE-1, thank goodness Bandai finally figured out the right strategy for the HMR line
  4. Ivan

    Hi-Metal R

    Could someone please explain what exactly a Messer color scheme is? I have absolutely no clue where it came from. Thx
  5. It's okay to stop collecting Macross figures/toys. That should not prevent anyone from being a true fan or from enjoying the shows. I got burned out and lost my patience after watching 3 episodes of Delta, which in turn led me to stop buying the VF-31's as I can't help but feel like I am repeating the VF-25 cycle. Anyway, I may change my mind later on, but for now, I am done.
  6. When will Takara stop calling him "Hot Rodimus" ? It's such a travesty of the English language. "Hot Rod" is an English slang with a real meaning that befits the character, while "Hot Rodiums" on the other hand is pure silliness ....
  7. Ivan

    Hi-Metal R

    Why does Bandai always release their prioducts in the same freaking order? They already did Hikaru, Focker and Max ... why can't they start with Millia for a change? If Max does not sell well, then we will never get the Millia version, just like last time ...
  8. I am so used to the "work in progress" costume that when Murdock finally put on the "official" costume, it looked way to silly. Especially the mask. They really need to improve the design in my opinion.
  9. Graham, what is it about the Arcadia YF-19 that you don't like? Did you post a review somewhere that you could point me to? I stopped buying Arcadia toys these days as they are almost impossible to find in Hong Kong retail stores. In the old days Bandai Macross stuff were hard to come by, while you could find Yamato stuff pretty much everywhere. It's the other way around now.
  10. Graham, are you still in contact with Arcadia's management like you used to? Wonder how they are doing financially. As an oustider, I get the impression that they are still struggling. Hope I am wrong though
  11. I think we will find out more at this event http://tamashii.jp/special/macross_sheryl/
  12. Why so much hatred for Jane Foster (Natalie Portman)? I for one am glad that she was in the sequel from beginning to end, contrary to what the trailers had led me to believe. Much better film than the first one and very entertaining. I will leave it to Duke Togo and others to point out the plot holes / flaws, but I myself am satisfied.
  13. Actually, I think Jackie spoke more English than Chinese in Mr. Nice Guy, a major turn off for me. Nothing really wrong with mainland production (other than all the censorship crap of course), but Police Story started out as a pure Hong Kong flick, and it has lost its roots and original spirit since. Agree that they are just cashing in on the brand name. It's almost like renaming Rush Hour as another installment of Police Story simply because Jackie happens to star as a police officer in it. Yes, it was a great film, but only because the director is highly talented and is known for making good drama. Indeed, you can easily replace Jackie with any other good actor and it would have been just as good.
  14. This is a mainland film (produced by Chinese company, mainland Chinese cast except Jackie of course, etc) made for mainland market. Hell, Jackie even speaks Mandarin instead of the Cantonese in the previous installments. What does this mean? To most Western audience, probably not much, but it does mean the film will be in strict compliance with Communist regulation, censorship and political correctness. It's very different from the originals, and in my opinion, using the brand name Police Story is somewhat misleading... but that's just me.
  15. I take that as a "Yes"? Just saw it myself, and absolutely love it, even though I doubt the Chinese space station will only display the Chinese language in their system, hehe Anyways, yes, there is nothing original about the story, but the intensity, the special effects, the camera angles and the soundtrack were all excellent and together gave us a very powerful space exercise.
  16. Can't help being reminded of the film Cast Away, which I love. Gravity is probably a very different film, but I will give it a chance
  17. No need to get emotional on stuff like this. It's pretty common these days for senior Chinese government officials to make big statements using strange and sometimes laughable logic. I am sure most of the mainstream audience will disagree, as box office speaks louder than words. Anyways, this kind of statement doesn't even deserve a reaction.
  18. If Wolverine really wants to die, it's been established there are several ways to kill him, i.e. a simple touch by Rogue, the mutant cure in X3, or injecting himself with liquid adamantium a la end of X2. Anyways, my point is, it makes no sense whatsoever that Wolverine is miserable because he can't die, because that's not true.
  19. Hard to say... national pride could come into play, and we may get reactions like, "we would have done it differently", etc...
  20. I don't see Wolverine wiping the blood stain off his claws before they are retracted. So in a way, it's good they didn't show too much blood, else it would be really gross.... all the disease that he could have contracted... yeah, I know, he's immune to them, but still gross
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