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  1. Many thanks goes out to @anubis20 for being amazing and hooking me up with that cool Lancer model. Definitely going to hit him up in the next couple of weeks for another awesome model! Thanks again!!
  2. Thanks sqidd. Yeah, sorry I didn’t word it very well! If you had another one, I would certainly be interested!
  3. Have all of these been bought up?
  4. Found! Looking for one of these. I know they are rare and I’m off by about three or four years. Let me know if you have one your willing to part with! thanks! tobey
  5. You’re right! My apologies! can I delete this or will I need to ask an admin? I should have known better, but haven’t posted in a while and wasn’t thinking.
  6. Now I’m worried. I got through at HLJ too....
  7. so have we established that all the places you can preorder from at this moment won't let you pay when it's ready to be shipped?
  8. Looking for Captain's -1/72 Nousjadeul Ger Zentradi power armor. Let me know if you got one for sale.
  9. Mark me as one of the interested persons!
  10. Props to davidwhangchoi, fantastic buyer, payment was sent double quick. i would have posted earlier, but we had a baby boy on the 18th and he has kept me quite busy!
  11. Cap, Should an extra one of these just appear, i'll take it off your hands
  12. Hey guys. Ended up getting two of these guys ( forgot I had bought one from a site). Looking to get 75$ for him, plus shipping. I don't have a picture, because I am not supposed to be on my phone at work and I have an inability to follow rules.
  13. I'm ordering it and still love the one I bought from you!
  14. my thanks to aaajin for a quick and easy purchase!
  15. I didn't read the comment as condescending of anyone here in as much as it was a statement against the practice of limited releases, when a larger release would accommodate everyone. More profit for Bandai, more sleep for Macross fans. Though I suppose limited releases ensure less dead stock, and in the end a little less profit. I always thought Disney doing the "locked in our vault forever" bi-line for video releases was ignorant, but nothing drives up sales like a false shortage or potential limited release.
  16. Shawn, What was your ebay id name? i had looked and never did find these listings
  17. Much thanks to ShindeiNoUta. Package well packed and came quicker than expected! Solid seller!!
  18. Shout out to anubis20! Solid packing and quick shipping! Thanks again!
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