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  1. I’d love to have one for myself!
  2. Thanks sqidd. Yeah, sorry I didn’t word it very well! If you had another one, I would certainly be interested!
  3. Have all of these been bought up?
  4. Now I’m worried. I got through at HLJ too....
  5. so have we established that all the places you can preorder from at this moment won't let you pay when it's ready to be shipped?
  6. Mark me as one of the interested persons!
  7. Cap, Should an extra one of these just appear, i'll take it off your hands
  8. I'm ordering it and still love the one I bought from you!
  9. I didn't read the comment as condescending of anyone here in as much as it was a statement against the practice of limited releases, when a larger release would accommodate everyone. More profit for Bandai, more sleep for Macross fans. Though I suppose limited releases ensure less dead stock, and in the end a little less profit. I always thought Disney doing the "locked in our vault forever" bi-line for video releases was ignorant, but nothing drives up sales like a false shortage or potential limited release.
  10. Thanks for the reassurance on plamoya David!
  11. Well, I freaked out and ordered on from plamoya. So of course cheaper ones would show up after the fact! I've never done business with them before, so I am nervous about that.
  12. I missed the blue berry:( but put me down for one of these if they are still available
  13. I'm down for one. And of the second go around if all we lack is another, I'll take two
  14. Ms Sackhoff still lookin' pretty nice . I always have liked the Riddick movies. The game wasn't half bad either...
  15. http://www.macrossworld.com/mospeada/tread_toy.htm an old article on the legacy page i think. it's from carl hoff's amazing collection of stuff. i saw that auction yesterday and teared up. oh if i was wealthy......
  16. you know, size-wise and roughly time-wise this sounds kind of like one of those 1/60 gundam perfect grade kits with those clear add on parts. the second set had clear shoulder bits. here's a link to a picture of the boxes: http://img.auctiva.com/imgdata/4/0/3/6/3/6/webimg/602447434_o.jpg
  17. their back up. Loop, how are you figuring out how many they have in their inventory?
  18. it says the date it is supposed to be released, or its current status. like if you order one that is backordered, it will say backordered. if it is still available to order, it will say the release date.
  19. damn...thanks for posting this. i have been sans any news today. he was an amazing talent. (even though he was 92, i still feel like i have been kidney punched)
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