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  1. http://s3.hubimg.com/u/275490_f520.jpg Thats just a random picture. Its like that (red stripes) but the little Black sticker on the shoulder with little Yellow dimond was a clear window to see gears. I had other little VF-1 toys at the time. But this thing blew them all away for detail. I doubt that being in Australia would have made much difference at the time in relation to it being boot leg. .
  2. Thanks for all the replys. I have checked all the links but still cant see the one I am looing for. The ones with the clear plastic parts wasnt it. Best I can remember it was only right on the shoulder joints that had the clear plastic window to see, i think it was 3 small gears. Maybe I should give up. I could just buy anything thats a foot tall and stick it in a display case. But that wont fill the hole I still feel after missing out on it 20 years ago.
  3. I just tried googling "1/55 scale valkyrie" and looking for the shoudlers with out luck. You sound like you know the one I am talking about. Any other clues that might help me find one ?
  4. There was a VF-1 model I wanted 20+ years ago but never got it. (to expenise for mum to buy) All that I can remember, think I remember, is that it was about a foot tall. May have been dicast but not sure. The only real distinguishing thing I can remember about it was its shoulder joints. The shoulder joints had clear windows and you could see little gears inside them. I look for this thing every couple of years and try to find a picture showing the shoulder joints so I can identfy the model. Just Googled again with out luck. Figured there might be an expert around here that knows what I am talking about. Thanks for any help.
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