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It’s been years since I last watched the original show.

But I don’t think it was one of the bad guys? 🤷🏽‍♂️

Blitzway is probably just finding a way to get more mileage out of the mold.  Nothing necessarily wrong with that.

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3 hours ago, jenius said:

Was this in the show as one of the bad guys?

I think the evil Voltron clone was colored same as the real thing.

I suspect this is an homage to Voltron 3D's "stealth Voltron" upgrade... that or they just decided a Nemesis Prime Voltron repaint would bring good money and who cares if it's "canon".

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On 5/30/2024 at 3:50 AM, no3Ljm said:

Playmates Toys VOLTRON BOX SET Voltron 40th Anniversary
Q3 2024 Release












Yeah; the weird one that the entire shoulder block has to rotate to use the arms (Like the Panosh Place version).

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14 minutes ago, Stampeed Valkyrie said:

So this Voltron 84 is a reissue?    I have this already.   Or is something different?

Looks like a straight reissue of the Playmates '84 Voltron that came out near the end of the Netflix show's run a few years back, yep.

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