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1/48 Jetfire


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:o you beat me to it. i was always wanting to do one as well. very good job i cannot wait to see it finished.


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Sweet! Now send that pic to Hasbro so they can license the mold from Yamato and release it in North America as MasterPiece Jetfire!!

(like that's ever going to happen)

Great Jetfire though. Now I know what to do with my Super Armor from my 1J if I get another 1S. ;)

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Great job on the painting love the red over the nose cone area can't wait to see it with the heat shield on here is a pic of some elses jet fire don't know whos it is though. I like your better

from Rich :)


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wow, that looks dope!! I hope you don't panel line it. For some reason jetfire looks better without the panel lines. It just doesn't look right. Good job on it! what else do you have to do to it?

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Friggin' awesome!!  Just one suggestion:  Use the heatshield and place the Autobot symbol there.  That way it kinda follows the Alt line's thinking of hiding as many faction symbols as possible in alt/vehicle mode.  XD
I am thinking about this, but the red I used is different than the the heatshield's stock red. Anyone have tips on how to paint a heatshield?
Toit custom! :thumbs up: In the group pic, you have Jazz's (Meister) feet backwards. 
It's more G1 style IMO :D , but Zoom Zoom's are instructionally correct.
Question though... why use the DYRL armor? Didnt Jetfire get the TV armor?
Yamato doesn't sell TV packs seperately I don't think, but if they did i would have used those instead.

Anyways, thanks for all the feedback, I didn't think it would get this much attention. :p

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Anyone have tips on how to paint a heatshield?

No clue really, but I'm sure the various customizers here will know, such as Cheng-sama and Kurt-sama.

Glad to see one of my favorite mech in your avatar, too bad there isn't any toy or model about such interesting mecha design.

As a Xenogears fan, I'd love for there to be a Weltall model/toy as long as it retains its Id mode/tranformation. XD Unfortunately it'd prolly only come about as a scratch-build or a kitbash of any model previously made, if any.

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Godzilla Posted on Apr 20 2005, 03:20 PM

  QUOTE (nightmareB4macross @ Apr 20 2005, 02:56 PM)

Funny how back in the old days people would customize Jetfires to Macross VFs and now it's vice versa.

Who'd 'uve thunk it? 

Still a great looking custom. 

Really? Maybe becausee their Jetfires were beat up? 

(with a hint of sarcasm) Nah, that couldn't the reason?

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Thats truly incredible.. Amazing Job. The attention to detail is astounding.

Jetfire, back in the day, is what got me into Macross in the first place..

I used to own 2 Jefires back in the 80's.... (which for a 10 year old, was alot!)

He was BY FAR my favorite toy....

My Korean Neighbor had two Jetfires that were Red and green..(We all know them as Joon's :lol: but back in the day, they were Jetfire knockoffs to us)

Anyway, we used to have the Joons Valkyries fight it out with my armoured Jetfire all the time..

By the late 80;s I realized that Jetfire was actually a knockoff of the Valkyries used in Robotech.. and so began my facination with Robotech.. And Later, Macross..

During the late 90's, during the "Valk craze", I used to find a restore Jetfires.

Right now, up on my Bookshelf, there are 5 MINT in box and 1 not so mint, Jetfires, and I still cherish them..

My 1/48's are my ultimate modern treasure, but I still love my old classic 1/55 based Jetfires.. They are what started it all for me. :D

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