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  1. Watched this tonight and it was...okay. Better than MoS because of Affleck's Batman and Amy Adams. Affleck really does a good Bruce Wayne. I enjoyed some parts and thought the actors did pretty well with what they were given. The effects were decent and it was entertaining. I definitely scratched my head in a few parts - like when Wonder Woman is checking her email during a critical countdown. How did she get home and into her comfy clothes so quickly? The dream sequences were distracting (worst part of the whole movie) and I thought they forced the whole 'Justice League' element a little too much. I guess it was necessary to build up the impending crossover movie. Looking forward to the solo WW film.
  2. +1 on the Heroic Age recommendation and fairly decent show. I'll throw out a couple recommends: Knights of Sidonia, Infinite Ryvius, and The Irresponsible Captain Tylor (space comedy).
  3. The first GitS movie is definitely a classic, but pure Oshii - slow-paced and dry. I prefer it greatly to the sequel which focused on Batou and had vastly different animation quality (more CG). I don't like how later releases of the first GitS movie changed the color palette and added more CG to make it uniform with the 'sequel'. The manga by Shirow is totally different in tone and he's a playful author with many light comedy moments to balance the serious scenes. Oshii doesn't do comedy. Check out my reviews for them: http://dubsub.blogspot.com/2013/12/ghost-in-shell-anime-movie-review.html and http://dubsub.blogspot.com/2014/07/ghost-in-shell-2-innocence-anime-movie.html The two TV series are very different than the movies (no Oshii) and closer to the manga. You get light-hearted moments (especially the Tachikomas). I enjoyed both series and recommend them. Each has a condensed 'movie' version which cuts out a lot of the cutesy stuff and unifies the main stories.
  4. Just finished a good transaction with Nathans82
  5. I've had Irresponsible Captain Tylor on my shelf for years and I finally watched it recently. I was totally on the fence between disliking Tylor as a total moron or considering him an idiot savant. Couple episodes were pure gold, but an equal number were lame. The last few episodes swayed my opinion and the final scene clinched it. Good ensemble cast of characters (loved that they had a marine named Jason who wore a hockey mask). Just started watching the OVA this week. Hope you enjoy it!
  6. Agreed. I watched it on Netflix and then bought the dvd set. It didn't hurt the dvds were affordable on ebay. Heck yeah. It kept me guessing on what would happen next. Very suspenseful and always leaves you with a cliffhanger. Wish the 2nd season was available. Watching Knights of Sidonia and it reminds me a little of AOT in that regard. Only complaint is the damn cel-shaded character animation.
  7. Feeling the old school anime lately. Seems like whenever the holidays roll around I try to watch something from the 80s or 90s. Pulled Zeta Gundam, Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Slayers seasons 1-3, and Aura Battler Dunbine from my shelf. That should do it.
  8. I'm guessing the 0D will have a black friday deal at HLJ like the 19 did. I'll wait for that.
  9. Yes, probably one of the top reasons I watch older anime (let's say 10+ years). Same fascination with old sci-fi/horror movies. Absolutely can't help it and likely the reason I enjoy Netflix so much (tons of awful movies/series on there, like The Keep or The Stuff!)
  10. Very good points on realism vs. stylized animation/art. I think modern anime and manga/comic book fans expect a certain level of realism because we are an aging fanbase. Technology and information availability have aided this trend. Look at US comics over the past decade and you'll see major evolution (widescreen stories with less word balloons, realistic costumes based on actual fabrics). I love realism applied to classic animation works (Transformers is a great example when you consider how simplistic the original toys/animation were). Animation began with very simple technology (hand-drawn cels) which was labor intensive. Human beings instantly recognize facial expressions and assign emotional states to them. It's a short cut to getting your point across and it saved money. Current animation/art is bridging the gap between stylized art and reality (look at video games). A major divide formed with traditional art vs. CG (think Studio Ghibli) and we currently have a marriage between the two. We're in a constant state of transition and animation/art in 10 years will probably be much more realistic. As to the facial expressions and colors of characters/mecha - I think they directly link to the human mind's recognition of certain visual cues to represent specific meanings. That may never go away despite technological advances and especially for art aimed at children (who have the most basic recognition due to limited experience). I personally prefer consistency and a random goofy face expression can throw me off (or make me laugh) in a serious show. At the end of the day we're talking about works of fiction which can take creative license to get their point across. When the military rolls out the valks and space fortresses they will not mess around with the colors (or put faces on the robot forms, although skulls would be pretty badass). Not to derail this conversation too much away from the VF-0D - I'm looking forward to it (with a lighter blue color scheme - almost 'Max') and hope they re-release the entire Macross Zero line. Praying it's not more than $250, but I'll support them regardless. I sold off my entire M0 collection after deciding to focus on the M7 releases and can now afford new versions. If they gain enough momentum to release a GBP prototype then I will freak out
  11. I remember owning almost all of those G Gundam figures until selling them off in a big lot a few years ago. Such a fun series to collect. Very tempting. Good luck with your sale!
  12. I really enjoyed watching the original and comparing notes to Robotech. A lot of differences and I agree the music in RT was iconic (plus the nostalgia factor). I absolutely loved the opening theme song to Mospeada!
  13. needs to save up a bunch of money to buy an Arcadia YF-19

  14. Netflix has a ton of Funimation series and quite a few I really enjoyed. I also loved Rin, Spice and Wolf is really good (very slow-paced, but I'm an accountant and the simplified economics were fun) and they finally added the second season, Eden of the East, and Dance in the Vampire Bund.
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