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  1. I think I have some of a 1/72 yellow submarine ve-1 kit that I was going to kit bash with a 1/72 hcm. Pretty sure all I got around to was mounting the head. Maybe... been a while since I have seen it in the room of nonsense.
  2. wow nightmare@_@ A few I have never seen b4!!!
  3. been a number of years since I've checked in. yay adulting... looking for a cheap non broken toynami masterpiece beta to go with my sue alpha on behalf of my son. No point inheriting one without the other. I will happily buy if the price is right, or trade. lord knows I have stuff to trade,.... all older and dusty... are MIB clear 1/48 fast pack covers worth anything?
  4. monkeys live on!!!! my toddler already threw one at me!
  5. i probably have one lying around buried somewhere. me finding it in a timely fashion is something else. Ill try and remember to look while organizing that room.
  6. get a takara soundblaster. he holds two tapes.
  7. add MACROSS25 to the list if he isn't already there.
  8. I have a hik 18 and a brownie boxed lying around but I will need to check on the condition.
  9. how does one know if they have a new or old one? I have one still sealed in box and have no clue.
  10. When I sold off all mine I think the joon's averaged around $50. I think the non bandai that sold for the most were the matsu star fighter, the chinese strike without armor, the chinese super with blue armor, the space gandam, and the green joon's. I only picked up the "patriot" red/white/blue joon's just because I had to have one of every version 1/55 ever made. You should be able to get a reissue bandai brownie cheap enough and the bandais/takatoku/matsushiro were the best.
  11. the seeker comes with strike parts?
  12. I have a taka vf-1J 1/55 complete with unused stickers, instructions, gun, gun clip, missiles on spruce, extra decal stripe sheet, and catalog in a pretty good box. box has some corner wear. Early production as the plastic window was applied to the styrafoam and inserted into the outer shell, rather than be glued to the inner box. I have the vf-1a brownie 1/5 with unused stickers, gun, gun clip, missiles, and catalog in a decent box. Box has some small corner tearing and a tear on the face where the box cutout sticks up from the bottom. Also has some window denting. both vf's are in very nice condition mechanically. I do not believe I have transformed them since acquiring them as I had loose ones to repair and play with. I can take pics if you want. All my other taka's are loose... I think. As I dig deeper into that room now that a child is going to arrive before the year ends there is no telling what might turn up. Need any cloth musha gundams? somebody has the milla in the for sale section right now.
  13. for us old fogies who forget that there is new stuff... what scale are they?
  14. looks nice. Perfect transformation aka 1/55 bandai or removable bits like 1/60 yamato?
  15. bandai strikes aren't cheap. I will look around to see how many I have lying around. I assume you want complete and boxed? Resin parts acceptable?
  16. found a ve mint in minty looking box unassembled and still in sealed bags with all paperwork. I also found an armored 1J that has been assembled. It has it's shelf worn box and used sticker sheet. No instructions. One head laser on the big head has broken off but the parts is there and could be fixed. Missiles are still on spruce but I found no gun for it in the box and it appears to be missing one arm armor. I also found a mint in box ve version of one of these while I was looking. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Arii-Macross-SD-Super-Deformed-VF-1S-Strike-Valkyrie-NMIB-Robotech-/160773389312?pt=US_Action_Figures&hash=item256ed73c00
  17. I might have a second ve boxed lying around. I will take a look. if you don't hear back remind me.
  18. I'll happily vouch for chowser as he helped me out a number of times when I was trying to get every 1/55 version ever made. Sorry to hear about the situation chowser and good luck with the sales.
  19. the effort one goes through to get a tattoo in trade in a limited time frame LOL. grapetang sent me his addy and stuff he was into already. What interests you kelsain and pm me your addy? No telling what I might have lying around here. Need a disco ball? a/v switch? Shark teeth? a shot up x-box 360? Think of something else I will just send something silly like a wile e coyote powered pez dispencer.
  20. you the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the ork sun is perfect and the other is real damn close. Good enough for me to mod in photoshop I hope. looks like kelsain will probably be the winner on both counts... though Grapetang's suggestion to run the google image through Illustrator livetrace.deserves some serious props. anything you guys collect/care about? Don't suppose you'd want a boxed vintage gundam HCM ? Lord knows I have a ton of stuff lying around that others might appreciate more. Vintage battle star galactica fighters? Fortress america figures? Disco balls?
  21. Kelsain. the eldar symbol is close but not the same. I wish I still had the old water slide. Not two cubes side by side but two cubes sharing a connecting 25% . pretty much where the "inner nubs extend was where the cubes matched up and the shared 25% was split between the black and the white of the yin yang. I am trying to track down some proper graph paper I know I have around here somewhere as I just don't get it right trying to make graph paper from an excell spread sheet. I might have to track down my old copy of illustrator and see if I can remember how to use it LOL.
  22. pics of tat please? Kelsain... i made good money selling my old warhammer and battletech stuff on ebay last year. All I held on to was my unseen/battletech/macross chess set pieces, and my ork battlewagon which was published once upon a time. I am one of the reasons that they revamped the rules... something against mounting an interplanatary defence laser on a battle wagon got left out the first time and lets just say I was undefeated till banned LOL.
  23. I need a scan of the large black and white evil sunz logo from near page three of the "ere we go" orc source book from 1990-1991. I used to have one... if anybody has a pic/scan of the eldar "chaotic infinity yin-yang" that would also be super appreciated. It looks like a infinity strip crossed with a yin-yang with mall spikes coming from the outer four sides of the two combined squares. most like the lower center yellow decal of this snip of a larger decal sheet.. These were imported games workshop waterslide decals from the very early 90's. IF high res flat scans of either reach me by next tuesday 6pm eastern the sender will get something cool from my vast selection of crap I don't know what to do with. Ask anybody whose dealt with me... you will get something you like. If multiple images come it will be a toss up between best image or earlier of identical. oh yeah... I will be listing a bunch of stuff for sale again soon.
  24. I think I have a 1/100 lying around.
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