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  1. Yeah mee too, in the vf-1 kits they are bad casted too in my opinion
  2. Hi guys! Its a long time I don't come to this nice forum but I never stopped to make model kits even if I am very slow... I wanted to show you what i recently finished, let me know if u like it. Album Next I'll build up the unfamous wave 1/100 VF-11D
  3. Ido

    Vf-4 From Hobbyfan

    I received the replacement part today, I wished for a more visible frame but its okay, there aren't bumps and it can be used without troubles. Thanks to Hobbyfan for the quick replacement.
  4. Ido


    Nope they don't privately own their valks, they are supllied by the army to them, and they aren't rich at all for the most of series However in an episode its shown that some City7 citizens privately own some space war 1 valks and destroyers (even a monster!), some of them are retired soldiers. Looks some sort of antiques weapons collections, likely someone who collect WW2 stuff.
  5. Ido

    Vf-4 From Hobbyfan

    Well.. mine is clear too, it's not that the problem.... It's the surface ok on your? Bumps, bubbles, scratch? do you clearly see the canopy frame?
  6. Ido

    Vf-4 From Hobbyfan

    wow, they recognized the problem and will send me another canopy today.
  7. Ido


    Nice work, but the fuselage in fighter mode its just wrong, it should be more clean with realistic aerodinamical look just like the others VF, It also have a forced Vf-1 look alike feel in the front part. Overall a little too squared and rough, it can use more curvy doby. IMO
  8. In the TV story you are in the Purple squadron in Dyrl the Apollo squadron. I think they are all in the same squadron, no idea about the names.
  9. Ido

    Vf-4 From Hobbyfan

    Let me know! I had the idea of painting the canopy with some tamiya flat gray so I could take the pics, you should see the bumps on the sides, you don't see the canopy frame just cause there isn't one. It looks more like a clear lump of something then a canopy, I really hope is a sole misfortune. The resin parts looks ok, I can olways fix a resin part with mori mori and sandpaper work but How the hell do I fix something like THIS?(Its a lot worse that what it looks in the pics)
  10. Ido

    Vf-4 From Hobbyfan

    thanks for your reply. Before contacting them I would like to be sure what I received it's not normal, If the Club-M canopy actually sucks both in the original kit and in the recasts as well It's useless to lose time asking for a replacement.
  11. Hello, I got yesterday a Club-M Vf-4 from hobbyfan the resin parts looks ok but the vacu-formed canopy its ugly, I have others canopies from original garage kits and the canopy frame is visible and the plastic don't have faults even in 1/144 scale. In the one I got from hobbyfan, as said its ugly, the plastic its thick and looks like it didn't conformed to details as results: 1-there are bubbles 2- it's not really clear 3- The frame is almost invisible on one side, thick and round upside and on one side there isn't frame at all. It's so ugly I think I will not be able to use it I would like to know from who got Club-M recasts from HF if the quality of the canopy is better as I wish to write to hobbyfan to get a replacement one. I will also check the resin parts closely but I have no time right now. Please share your opinion.
  12. Ido

    Another Vf-0s

    It should be out in June.
  13. Ido

    Another Vf-0s

    Nice kit, too bad it doesn't have clear parts, 1900 yen, so its surely plastic. I think i'll get one besides the hase kit that is awesome.
  14. Saw the movie, great job man with that SV-51, very impressive. A VF-0D would be fantastic.
  15. The battle beetwen the Spec 2 and theEnd was just too weird.
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