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  1. 1 VF-1 2NV

    2 seater 1/48s

    You handed over a sample...right????
  2. you know...those 2 ebayers are members here....LOL!
  3. Damn. Nice collection. You'd probably fetch higher prices if you sold them separately IMHO. Oh well...
  4. Undies, socks, deodorant, cologne...
  5. Macross fangirl :lol: . WIll you marry me instead
  6. Great...hopefully us americans can bid on some macross toys. Article
  7. Thanks. I am currently shopping for a new laptop. I have a 4-5 yr old Pentium 4 laptop/win xp/1gb ram/40gb hd. I'll probably wait till the end of the year to buy a new one. I understand that there Intel is going to release a new chip next year so I may wait even longer for a discount on the current crop of laptops. Leaning toward a windows computer, but may be swayed to try an apple if the price is right. I spend alot of time on airplanes. I have the ipod touch. I want to convert my dvd library so that I can watch it on my pod. What about Cucusoft, Avex, PQdvd? ANyone try these software titles.
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