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    Robots that are huge and can transform, and Origami.

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  1. =P I watched the 10pm show last night and it was kick ass! It's up there with Star Trek 2 and Man of Steel for good summer flicks. Elysium will be the next movie I look forward to seeing.
  2. Who knows what sham-a-lam-a-ding-dong gonna do? My guess it that the whole survival thing was a VR simulation and Jayden thought it was real.
  3. I'm looking forward to the new Lego Chima sets, this set is badass, it's gerwalky and it also reminds me of this. Hawk's ship from Buck Rogers season 2
  4. If only BW would endorse this awesome project behind the back of the HG folk, just saying!
  5. It's the chapter about "Speaker for the Dead." IMHO it was unnecessary.
  6. There was a certain chapter in Ender's Game IMHO should have been omitted. Heck there's a stand alone book just based on that chapter also by Orson Scott Card.
  7. Ready Player One is another book you can add! http://stimulatedboredom.com/buk-lernin/book-review-ready-player-one-by-ernest-cline/
  8. It was really good. I got many of the references right away but it got annoying when my cousin who I went with and read all six graphic novels told me the differences between the books and the film, during the movie! I'm gonna have to watch it without the distraction.
  9. Finaly! Capcom and Namco are gonna go at it with Tekken x Street Fighter (and vice versa). T x SF will have the 3D fighting of Tekken while SF x T will have the Super Street Fighter 4 fighting style.
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