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  1. Man I wish I saw this post earlier. I'm really happy for Rohby because he has to much SkillZZ to hide in the closet and work in the back streets. I really hope you go Main stream bro. BIG TIME ! =) from Rich
  2. Dude i love these display stands you can use them up side down so the prongs support the underside of the display base it looks pretty cool like a mini display stand for you cms or for anything =)any wasy here is a old school pic of my 1/60s from Rich
  3. Dude whats up bro i know you'll come back to the valk side every does lol. I'm glad i got to get alot of decals from you in the past. I want to thank you for all of your hard work to make all the valks out there look special. HAHAHAHa PHD you wife is going to love that degree "PRETTY HUGE DICK"(quote from Phobe on freinds) lol from Rich Thanks Bro for everything don't be a stranger
  4. I've been playing for about 3 months. I'm a night elf rogue on the Killrogg server PVE (player versus enviorment). LVL 35 for now. I just really want to warn people right now this game is very addicting. 14.99 a month or pay up front for 6 month for 13.99 i think or its 12.99 for 6 months up front I think. You can solo but you have to eventually join a guild after awhile in the game if you want to do end game quest. Money is hard to make if your not the right profession like herbalism. Any ways i don't want to bore anybody with endless banter unless your intrested. If anyone wants to play meet me up on the killrogg server my characters name is Rahyor. from Rich PS anyone here about the convention in korea that there going to probably release another murloc pet call Gurky the female murloc. Oh yeah the blizzard con pet murky the murloc will expire in Oct i heard its freakin expensive to buy on ebay like $300-$700 for a pet crazy. So you actually have untill Oct to get that pet before its gone forever.
  5. Alright guys I need your help to convince -EXO- to go to SDCC. I've tried offering to be his Biotch, buy his food, offer a gbp, and 1 night with my Girlfriend but she doesn't know that hahaha. The most I got out of my buddy is I might be there Friday. Dude !!!!!! might isn't good enough. My GF pack extra RAMEN for you DO you Hear me -EXO- extra RAMEN!!!!!! So to show a gesture of appriciation for my buddy please let him know that we expect him to be there ASAP. From Rich -EXO- we'll see you there I dont care I'll take a 2 hour taxi to kidnapp your AZZ with Nick and Bobepatt hahahhaha lol
  6. Warning If you guys are going to meet us up at SDCC beware. The party usually splits into 2 groups. If -Exo- is going he loves venues and kick back he knows he can buy this stuff anytime on ebay. Check out the floor once a day maybe twice. But you look away for a second WTF where did this Bastid walk off to hahahaha. If you hang with Bobe Patt get ready this is not a vacation. Dude 6 hours at least on the floor constantly walking for the best price making sure we don't miss any specials! We hagel till the vendor cries. By the end of the day your dying with a grin on your face because you have 10 bags of promo and cant find your ride to open the freakin car to store your Shitz! LOL sorry had a moment there. Either way get ready to lose 5 pounds. Lots of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from Rich
  7. Dude whats up with that lacking some originality. Oh well the collection never ends. I hope theres at least 1 chase figure per box. Whats up with the macross tv looks like some rement item. Hahaha thanks for the pics we should babelfish the other forum to see what there saying. From Rich
  8. Hahaha I use swear word breaks the ice or makes more ice. Here is a link that agent one would probably put up. A link to swear words in diffrent languages. caution by clicking on this link you are admitting you are 18yrs of age and macrossworld has no affliation to this link what so ever. Some adult content but mostly swear words in diffrent languages. link deleted view at own risk from Rich Hot lesbian action on link deleted don't worry no spam actual clothes web site like GAP but plays awsome porn in the back ground. hahahahahaha
  9. God that was funny Never heard of RSB, is it resin? 406655[/snapback] god you know whats even funnier its already on EBAY. ebay Dude what happned you just got it right. Why the sudden change of heart on the kit? from Rich
  10. I'll be there with my GF just like last year. It going to be like a work out than more of a vacation. UCK dude my GF wouldn't stop getting alll the FREEE SHITZZ hilarious man she's thinking alright we have to get our moneys worth. HAhahaha all five day always have like 2 huge bags with promotions bags in promtion bags. Stupid orange nick braclets and darth vadar mask on a stick. The only thing that was worth money there was the solid metal zelda coin you get for free. Worth like 25-50 buck on ebay. Dude I bought her a awsome totoro cats bus freaking 4ft long 600 buck I think. Hella funny my GF total oblivious to her surrounds while holding the huge cat bus I saw a girl throw a fit to her boy friend yelling " I told you so some one would buy it and total batty slaps her boy friend. HAHAHahaha that was the high light of the day serious from Rich see ya guys there if I can find you. P.s. please bring a poster canister tooooo many free poster you'll need one with a sling.
  11. I never really like the original GBP-1 fast pack compared to the original fast pack. Does anyone have a pic of the GBP-1j with the original fast pack booster instead in battroid mode? Just want to see how much bulker it would look. Also I thought that it would be a better choice of booster since its bigger and has better maneuverability. Why have a smaller booster on such a heavy armor valk. Unless its a weight issue which I doubt because there in outer space. Yes yes I know its not macross issue because it didn't show in the movie just thinking out of the box from Rich I know omg I don't have it yet but its on the way. Got a case held up for me from neova awsome person.
  12. Super duper holy shtz where are you spiff BUMP!!!!!!!! Any progress pics I think every owner of a vf-11b would love to have this kit. You should bring it mwcon 06. from Rich
  13. Yo D Yeah there all the same I just checked my yf-21 non fp and vf-19a , yf-19& vf 11b non fp all the same man. The only thing I think is rare is the un-cut sticker sheet from a original yf-19 1st editon. Oh yeah I have a few of each so you can trust me. from Rich
  14. is that a diffrent stand for the yamato vf-0 i see? from Rich
  15. For the 1/72 thunder hummer are you going to make the valk and the armor or just a conversion kit armor for the hasegaw battroid? Why dont you make a 1/48 thunder hummer conversion armor just like you did for the vf 1d? from Rich
  16. do you take stretch pay (im not kidding) from Rich
  17. Ah tight man I want that katamari psp case thats cool man. If Any body plays the socom on line please turn off you wylan power save off you might get disconnected alot. from Rich
  18. Anybody have socom for the psp? Great game for the wifi huge muti player server. The teams are 8 on 8 so 16 players total. 8 socom 8 terriost I think there about 5-6maps to play on. You can use a head set to talk to people while playing. Anybody have a screen name yet? my gboy_4ever add me to you friend roster and we'll play socom from Rich we should make a clan name macrossworld
  19. thats a nice book man great to get I think the only other magazines with characters like that are in character model magazines and some times in model graphix magazines from rich
  20. I'll be staying at the grand hyatt in with Alex patt nick lenard danny me Don't know what we'll do yet but either go clubing or just drink up at the hyatt on saturday night hope to see everybody there from Rich
  21. Hey guys pm sent on the info for me and when to meet up I'll keep you guys posted from Rich
  22. Man my gf only put me down for 1 day but I'll pay the extra for the second day. I hope I don't have to wait in line too long dude you guys are going to be so tired driving from so cal starting at 7 pm hopefully you'll get off of work sooner Bobe patt from Rich
  23. By any chance do you know what the pre registration gift might be? from Rich
  24. Dude so whos going I got the hotel room set up at the grand hyatt so far patt alex nick danny todays the last day to post mark your registration for 28 buck I hope my girl friend remembered from Rich
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