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  1. Hi, do you still have 1/48 hands available?

  2. I'm interested, but would like to know when it's going to be
  3. i got a MSG4 80gb bundle, and been playing oblivion recently but it would sometimes freeze up...anybody know if this is common or if there's a fix of some sort or did I get a bunk ps3?
  4. do you guys have a link for the mail away athena?
  5. because the mods locked it...I should post some pictures of my collection later...hasn't changed much in a while tho...
  6. Starting a new Saint Seiya thread...post any new news here! lets start with the last bit of news...and just so I can have the link for future reference http://toycan.net/gallery/event/1670/
  7. Eternal_D

    Thunder Hammer

    from what I remember, this was all hand made...not done by computers...
  8. Holy shites!! that is freakin awesome...all of it...omg bandai's got a money maker here...
  9. Eternal_D

    Thunder Hammer

    I'll bet you like hirohawa handling your thunder hammer... so ya what's the cost?? with only one run of these...I'm definitely going to get one...
  10. Eternal_D

    Thunder Hammer

    probably the one and only... that thing is amazing...this is the best custom I have ever seen.
  11. you know what else i noticed...the cape for crystal saint is 100x's better than all the previous capes. they need to replace them all with that kind of material.
  12. cool, I like that idea of swapping heads and using the objects to display.
  13. with how well they make 1/6 scale figs now...this is rather crappy i think.
  14. you have the bronze 5 pack? I'm still pissed that they didn't release this set with the new heads! lol mime looks awesome.
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