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  1. WTF, You guys went to Vegas?!?!?! And you didn't let the LA people know? Okay, yeah I probably couldn't have gone but man......LOL
  2. Hey sparkart, I'll be sending out an email soon but vendor set up starts at 9 and there is no electricity for vendors.
  3. Here's the vendor list: Animebooks.com - They should have a variety of Macross books including Tenjin items. Last year they also had autograph boards. Robotoyfest - Scott, the guy behind Robotoyfest and a ton of other conventions. Shawn - Founding Father of MacrossWorld is selling off his extras. So you know he'll have good stuff. Redstarrobot.com - Has a ton of vintage Macross Surf City Paracord - Has a store on etsy and is a member here. Has custom paracord bracelets and other items. Jennety - MW member - Had a great variety of recent Macross toys last year. Those are the confirmed vendors. There are a couple of others pending so I'll add those when I'm certain.
  4. Hi Guys We've got some great donations from vendors coming our way to use as prizes but we're a con for the fans by the fans and we've always relied on donations from forum members since the beginning. I wanted to see if anyone was willing to donate items to the con. While Macross related items would be great, we'll also accept non-Macross items that we can possibly sell at the con to raise some money. If you'd like to donate please PM me. Thanks, everyone.
  5. 1) Minmay Guard Moon 2) Minmay Guard Paris 3) Low Vis in gray to go with my 1/60 Thunderhammer 4) Some kind of digital camo scheme 5) I think on the old forums someone made a MacrossWorld scheme for a VF-1. I can't seem to find a pic of it at the moment but I think it was a good scheme. Just use the UN Spacy kites instead of the MW logo at the time. 6) Chara Works 1/144 Zentran scheme or the green Joons color scheme 7) Macross 7 episode 15? the carnival episode with all the privately owned VF-1s, there is a VF-1J that is essentially a Hikaru 1J but with a blue stripe instead of red. Blue Roses
  6. Hey chrisk. While we appreciate the post and the effort on the poster. Could you please refrain from making these posts in the future? We don't want to confuse attendees into thinking this is an official announcement or poster from the MW Con Planning Committee. If you want to assist the Planning Committee in the future please contact either KiriK or me. Thanks.
  7. Pre-reg ends October 3rd. Then you'd have to pay for the table day of and the price goes up $10.
  8. Hello Everyone Since we are going to have a Q&A session with Tenjin at MW Con, I wanted to see if any board members had questions they would like asked during that time. I'm looking more at the board members that won't be there in person. We'll do our best to get the questions asked but ultimately it'll depend on how much time we have for the Q&A period. So please post your questions here. Thanks!
  9. We're still hammering out the vendor line up but we'll definitely have a variety of vendors including some prominent board members selling duplicates and extras from their collections so definitely bring your money.
  10. Hey Guys This year for MW Con if you want to sell at the convention you need to have a vendor space. Each vendor space includes a 6 ft table to display your items, 2 chairs and 2 vendor admissions. Vendors will be able to take part in the contests but will not receive any of the general admission donation items unless a separate general admission is paid for. To help us cover our costs we are asking $50 per vendor space if pre-registered and $60 at the door. If you don't need a whole table or would just like to lower your cost please use this thread to find someone to share a table with. Once you find a vendor buddy, one of you should then follow this link and pay for the vendor registration. Thanks.
  11. Hey Guys I'm happy to announce that we'll have The Lobos Truck on site selling their awesome food so you'll never have to be too far from the action and events of MWCon (expect announcements soon as to why you'll want to stick around). They'll be available from 12pm to 4pm. Check out their website and menu at: http://www.thelobostruck.com/# And check out their reviews on yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-lobos-truck-los-angeles
  12. If you like you can always donate them to the con. We are always looking for contest prizes and raffle items.
  13. flayn80 said they are ripped from fansubs. If that's the case I would assume they are pretty good.
  14. Dunno how current it is but I'm watching High School DxD right now. Entertaining but so much freaking fan service it's distracting.....and impossible to watch on the plane....
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