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  1. Hey Guys Hope everyone is staying safe. I've got these items for sale. I'm on the straight shooters' list. My shipping policy is $10 flat shipping using UPS Ground. No matter how much you buy it's just $10 to ship. Hi Metal R Super Ostrich - sealed, new, asking $85 plus shipping Bandai VF-25F renewal - This was displayed and there's a small paint issue on the ankle but it's complete and in good shape. Box has a dinged corner. Asking $210 plus shipping. Arcadia Premium Finish VE-1 Elintseeker - The elint is new and unopened. Asking $300 plus shipping. Pics are att
  2. bigkid24

    Delete Me

    If you're still looking I've got a new sealed Messer. I'd sell for $100 shipped by UPS Ground.
  3. WTF, You guys went to Vegas?!?!?! And you didn't let the LA people know? Okay, yeah I probably couldn't have gone but man......LOL
  4. Hey sparkart, I'll be sending out an email soon but vendor set up starts at 9 and there is no electricity for vendors.
  5. Here's the vendor list: Animebooks.com - They should have a variety of Macross books including Tenjin items. Last year they also had autograph boards. Robotoyfest - Scott, the guy behind Robotoyfest and a ton of other conventions. Shawn - Founding Father of MacrossWorld is selling off his extras. So you know he'll have good stuff. Redstarrobot.com - Has a ton of vintage Macross Surf City Paracord - Has a store on etsy and is a member here. Has custom paracord bracelets and other items. Jennety - MW member - Had a great variety of recent Macross toys last year. Those are the confirmed
  6. Hi Guys We've got some great donations from vendors coming our way to use as prizes but we're a con for the fans by the fans and we've always relied on donations from forum members since the beginning. I wanted to see if anyone was willing to donate items to the con. While Macross related items would be great, we'll also accept non-Macross items that we can possibly sell at the con to raise some money. If you'd like to donate please PM me. Thanks, everyone.
  7. Bump for the prophecy. Feel free to make offers.
  8. Here is some stuff I have for sale. Prices are shipped by Fed Ex Ground/Home within the US. I'll ship worldwide if you are willing to pay the postage. Paypal fees if any are extra. Pictures are attached. I'm on the straight shooters list. MACROSS Bandai YF-25 Prophecy MISB sold Variable Fighter Master File book SDF-1 Macross VF-1 Squadrons Asking $50 shipped Virgin Road VF-1D Sold VF-1D Box is near mint and the valkyrie was only removed to confirm the contents. Stickers and instructions are still attached to the back of the package. Asking $290 shipped. Nendoroid Ranka and S
  9. 1) Minmay Guard Moon 2) Minmay Guard Paris 3) Low Vis in gray to go with my 1/60 Thunderhammer 4) Some kind of digital camo scheme 5) I think on the old forums someone made a MacrossWorld scheme for a VF-1. I can't seem to find a pic of it at the moment but I think it was a good scheme. Just use the UN Spacy kites instead of the MW logo at the time. 6) Chara Works 1/144 Zentran scheme or the green Joons color scheme 7) Macross 7 episode 15? the carnival episode with all the privately owned VF-1s, there is a VF-1J that is essentially a Hikaru 1J but with a blue stripe instead of red.
  10. bump - changed price to SHIPPED
  11. So I was hoping to have these in time for MWCon but I got my shipment late. I have new MISB Sheryl Nome Nendoroids. Each piece is $43 SHIPPED plus any paypal fees
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