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  1. Does the Delta NEWS thread really have to be another avenue for people to bitch about Macross and Kawamori? Jesus.
  2. chrisk

    3P SD VF-1S

    I go to the HG's page to laugh at the rubes.
  3. chrisk

    3P SD VF-1S

    Can someone explain why Harmony Gold and Toynami are releasing this line of figures? I saw them advertising it on their Facebook page.
  4. Great. It works like a charm! It actually hid the OP's post.
  5. Amazing! Very professional stuff!
  6. I ultimately could be wrong about this, but the way I see it - Robotech ISN'T getting made into a movie. Sony is going to sit on it like Warner Brothers before them. In fact, Sony recently announced their movie slate until 2019, and it wasn't on the list. The recent James Wan interview sort confirms it too, since he clearly doesn't know. Instead, Sony is focusing on tried and true properties like: Resident Evil Underworld Barbie The Magnificent Seven Ghostbusters The Dark Tower Uncharted Smurfs Spiderman Bad Boys 3 & 4 MIB23 Not having access to the original Macross names and designs should be a big blow to the project as it is, but I think the bigger problem is they can't sell the movie to Japan - noted for being one of the biggest box office markets in recent years.
  7. Variety is reporting a possible drop off in the second week due to fairly lukewarm "cinema score" (not likely, though since overseas markets lap up these big budget CG spectacles up). How important is this score anyway? I doubt it ruined Bayformers from racking hundreds of millions...
  8. I wanted to like this trailer, but it leaves me a little cold. It feels... uninspired. The movie could still surprise me, though
  9. I got a lot out of this episode. I just hope the rest of the series lives up to all the anticipation!
  10. Hey, I know that Darkwater guy! I miss his old blog.
  11. Good stuff, man. If I can suggest, try to practice on anatomy, you'll learn important fundamentals like proportions, perspective and foreshadowing which will really help improve your work.
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