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  1. Just added these 3 figures Bandai Gundam Fix Figuration 0013 Deep Striker GFF 0013 - ebay link Panda Z DX Deluxe Figure - ebay link Black Ham Gear Figure from Panda Z - ebay link Pix for clicks... Gundam Fix #0013 Deep Striker Panda Z DX Black Ham Gear
  2. Added some Transformers Movie 2007 items.
  3. Sorry, I thought I PM'ed you already. I'm not willing to ship to Chile. Nothing against you, just very hesitant to ship out of country again after what happened to me last time.
  4. Replied, List updated.
  5. PM's replied to all. Sorry, I've been busy trying to prepare for a new job interview. I should have time opening up once I'm done interviewing though.
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