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  1. Next SCM Special : Pandora Saint Cloth Myth Special Campaign for Premium Figure
  2. Exactly, that's the cheapest "valks" ever. And It's pure madness in your hand.
  3. This night was short. 3 Hours are needed to construct the model. Click HERE if you want the instructions sheets, which are on pages 88 & 89 and more pictures of the differents modes (look like battroid, gerwalk and fighter mode) I think I'm gonna use glue to reinforce the model. I need stickers so please, help me. I have no digital camera, but, I'll try to post photos as soon as possible.
  4. No, only the pic I post above are from here. that's on this page I have found the best pics for the decals, but the quality isn't so good. The pics I will post tomorrow are from Figure Ou. It contains the Instructions. I have to go for diner. See you.
  5. It's already out for a few month. I'll give you better pics tomorrow, after scanning pages. You need this 2 box : 7700 & 7701, but the explanation is in Figure Ou #95 and the stickers only in Japan. I need them !!! Please.
  6. I know there's already this topic Lego anime style but I think this one should interest more people here. In fact, it seems lego has contact Kawamori San to do some special lego, called VAN-FORCE. Van for Variable Absolute Nexux. There's a lot of photos in the last Figure Ou (#95). I have bought the 2 models 7700&7701 in France to do the Kawamori mecha, but I still search the Kawamori Stickers, which seems to be available only in Japan. If anyone could help me to obtain the stickers or a good scan, I would be very very happy.
  7. Merci Golgoth 13 . Where do you get the information ? Any pic ? Thanks my French compatriote The first pic, as you asked for :
  8. Yes, Specter Wyvern Rhadamantis in Saint Cloth Myth should be release at the end of january for 4500yen. Great news !!!
  9. I like the manga style helmet for the capricorn a lot. I hope the anime style shoulder, which are still missing on pictures will be add for the release.
  10. I'm not sure you have seen this pictures except on tamashii. And it seems to confirm the 2 differents heads for Shaka.
  11. You can clearly see shun's head is different on this 2 pictures... After that ??? And here is 2 new pictures for Virgo from all4seiya website : Next SCM in October, then december, then february, and we can read "to be continued"
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