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  1. Anyone know what PSL would mean in relation to the Bandai DX line of VF-1's?
  2. Very AWESOME! I always loved Lego's as a kid. I would build Lego versions of ships I saw in movies from memory. No internet to look up pics. I especially remember after seeing Aliens, building a drop ship and the APC. I even had the turret on the APC able to move from the rear to the top! Ah those were the days, playing and building with Legos for hours on the floor. Now I can barely get out of a chair....
  3. I kind of liked them then I parted with all my SD toys a couple years ago except for one RT VF-1S joke machine that I still display. The RT morphers were ridiculously bad and cheaply made, they pretty much fell apart in the box. Just plain junk.
  4. But seriously I prefer the static open version on the left. And hoping Kurisama returns to read this posting and grace us with these parts.
  5. I vote this version that has working flaps and LED glow effect when open!
  6. Nice pictures! For the life of me I can not give any love to the yf-19. It's in the coyote ugly vain for me. Might be sexy last night but your chewing your arm off to get away from it the next day. /mansplaining My apologies to any 19 lovers I may have offended.
  7. I like your reasoning on the worsts. Price compared to quality is a definite factor for sure. For instance I am glad I did not buy into the Evolution VF2ss else it would have topped my worsts list.
  8. Where are the replacement shoulder hinges? Can't seem to find those on Shapeways.
  9. Bandai has hit a homer with this valk. It's not perfect but it's darn close. I am very impressed/pleased with it and looking forward to a full line up of VF-1 TV or DYRL valks. I like them all. I don't see Arcadia upping the game IE updating and revamping the 1/48 line. They have a good thing going with the 1/60 line.
  10. Yeah nice pics, welcome aboard SMS. I just realized in Delta SMS stands for SpaceManSpiff. Go SMS squadron! I feel like deja vu.
  11. Fav 1. Bandai DX VF-1J. Super awesomes, I did't transform it for over a week just admiring valk mode. 2. Bandai DX YF-30. 3. Yamato v1 VF-1J. Yah weird eh, I just love this little battroid. Honorable mention: Bandai DX YF-25 Worst 1. Bandai VF-17, sorry Graham, makes me think of Frankenstein. 2. Yamato v1 YF-19, the horror...…. 3. Yamato v1 YF-21, just badly executed. Honorable mention Banpresto partsformer valks
  12. I am going to wait for the Bandai DX VE and VT valks.
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